German Chamomile: About the Herb & Its Benefits for Skin

Chamomile is a beautiful herb often seen meticulously planted as a ground cover in gardens. You are more likely to see a growing chamomile that is usually used in making tea, in someone’s balcony garden. In addition to its tranquilizing qualities, these chamomiles are visually appealing too.

Pregnancy May Slow Aging!

Research suggests that pregnancy can rejuvenate women, slowing down the aging process. Yeah! Your baby may be making you younger.

Menopause & Skin Care: Tips to Keep Looking Younger

Aging and menopause: Both are part of being a woman. But same is the wanting to look beautiful. So here are some tips you Must read for beautiful skin post menopausal. This articles tries to briefly explain the changes that happen during this time and how you can deal with it. Obviously please let us know some tips you may have…

Light Therapy for Acne: Does Blue Light Help Treat Acne?

The beauty industry has overcome some leaps and bounds compared to where it was thirty years ago, the contrast can be evident when compared to where it was fifty years ago. Acne creams can be found left and right, even topical applications and treatments are abundant. Then there is the case of blue light treatment. There is a combination of blue + red light, but what is it exactly?

How To Minimize Pores In 3 Easy Steps

Simply put. Skin has pores. Problem only arises when they become large or colored enough to be noticed. In this article we discuss three simple steps or tips you must follow to keep your facial skin pores not noticeable. Simple but powerful steps. Hope you benefit out of them.