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Top 5 Natural and Organic Kohls

When it comes to our eyes, we often search for the most trustworthy eye kohl/kajal brands. Here we take a look at the top factors you need to consider while you look to buy Organic eye kohls. And 5 organic eye kohls/eyeliners/kajals that stood best for these factors.


When you buy a Kohl/Kajal, the first thing comes to your mind would be its benefits. Like other cosmetics, different types of kohls do have their pros and cons. Here we take a look at the two basic types; Natural/Organic and the most commonly used chemical based kohls.

Eye kohl: Pride of women’s eyes

Eye kohl is one of the oldest fashion accessories found in every woman’s vanity. It is ethnic and followed by every tradition. Here we take a look at what you must know before you go for that smokey look.

Your Ticket to Appealing Eyelashes

We sometimes think that people who have long eyelashes have beautiful eyes. Eyelashes frame the eyes and can seem so alluring. Beyond beauty, eyelashes actually protect the eyes, keeping foreign objects from entering and infecting the eye. It must be one reason why some of us ogle at people with long eyelashes (even for hours at risk of being a stalker). But let it be a secret no more. All it takes is for a few natural tricks and no surgery.

Secret To Beautiful Eyes

The overall well-being of the eyes depends greatly on their appearance. Eyes that have a good appearance that includes eyes that are not puffy and those that look healthy. Increasing your water intake is known to be a natural remedy for eyes problems. You will have a bright new face in the morning when you observe the recommended eye care procedures. It is also harmful to get to bed very late for no apparent reason. You may not discover this at first but it will later bring you some trouble when your eyes become puffy and become dull.

Revitol Eye Cream
Eye Cream from Revitol

Revitol Eye Cream: Reduces Dark Circles, puffiness and under eye bags to make them beautiful.

Eyelasticity Eye Cream

Age Defying Eye Therapy from Skinception.