Yoga for Weight Loss

There’s a lot of confusion in people’s minds when they have to choose between yoga and cardio. What if we say that you can now find serenity and weight loss at the same time? Well, let our fitness experts answer this question for you in this article.

What’s Turning Your Inner Thighs and Underarms Dark?

A lot of women deal with pigmentation on underarms and thighs which restricts them from wearing sleeveless or short length outfits. Find out What is causing your thighs and underarms to turn dark? Get the home remedies and other treatment for dark underarms and inner thighs.

How To Get Rid Of Deep Blackheads and Clogged Pores?

A clear poreless skin is considered a desirable trait for beautiful skin. Not all people are blessed with this type of skin but if they diligently practice the daily skin care regime, they can improve the appearance of their skin to a great extent. The route cause of skin problems like acne and blackheads is clogging of skin pores. There have been numerous instances when both the terms are considered the same, but they are not.

23 Celebrities Who Suffer Acne Breakouts and Skin Problems?

With their flawless airbrushed images appearing on magazines and social media, it’s difficult to envision that celebrities suffer from skin troubles. But if you take a closer look, you’ll be amazed to find that an exceeding number of stars are battling acne and other skin problems. Here is a peek into the skin troubles of some celebrities.

Are white patches on skin signs of Vitiligo?

There are many reasons behind the white patches appearing on your skin. To be sure if the white spots are due to Vitiligo, it is important to understand the different causes behind these white patches. In this article, we define all the major causes behind white patches on the skin and elaborate on Vitiligo. We also explain the types of vitiligo and how to identify them.

10 DIY Home Remedies For Skin Tag Removal

Almost 1 out of 3 people develop skin tags due to various reasons. Though it is not serious skin issue but it can be a very serious Beauty issue. For those of us who cannot afford a trip to the doctor or don’t want to just cut these off Home Remedies are easy and effective alternative for skin tag removal. Here we discuss 10 Best home remedies for skin tag removal that you can easily try at your home.