Is it possible to prolong our lives by making simple lifestyle changes? The answer is definitely yes. If  we stick to the following healthy habits,  we are increasing our chances of enjoying radiant health and longevity.  By making all the necessary adjustments and perform positive changes in our lives, our DNA and cells in general will find new ways to invigorate and repair our bodies and protect us from harm. Studies have shown that these are the top 5 things we need to do in order to experience true benefits:

Healthy & Long Life


Exercising is the antidote to inactivity, laziness and  low energy levels—al l of which  are  linked with  increased changes of  degenerative  diseases such as heart failure,  diabetes and others. Moderate exercise has the ability to increase blood circulation in the tissues, increase mobility in elders, elevate energy levels and of course prevent the accumulation of unhealthy and unwanted body fat.  Exercise has also been proven to help release more serotonin—a brain chemical that boosts our mood and fights depression.

2.)Getting enough sleep

If you sleep fewer hours than the ones required for your body to repair itself, over time, you will experience multiple psychosomatic problems like: cognitive difficulties (inability to concentrate, confusion, memory problems, etc) . On the contrary, if you get enough sleep, your energy levels will be more stable, your stress levels lower and your ability to perform daily tasks will be much higher.

3.)Positive thinking

Positive thinking may sound cliché, but those who exercise it, are in far more healthy and happy than those who don’t, according to certain studies.  If you want to live a truly enjoyable life, find ways to control negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones, laugh, smile , forgive and help others.

4.)Eat healthily

No health and longevity plan is complete without adopting a healthy diet plan. Eating healthy is extremely important for your health and will help you in various ways.  Choose a diet that is rich in vitamins and nutrients but low in trans fats—which have been shown again and again to cause weight gain, heart problems and other health problems. Many people find following a healthy diet a bit hard, but if you search for healthy recipes, you will find many equally tasty and healthier alternatives to unhealthy food.

5.)Have a healthy sex life

According to latest research on the subject, enjoying a healthy sex life, can make us look and feel younger by up to 7 years!! This happens because sex has the ability to release internal endorphins and boost our mood and energy levels. Sex has also been found to support immune system function and increase microcirculation for a healthier heart.

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Marina Andreas