Like all of us, you too fancy a beautiful glow on your face then dry brushing comes in handy. Of course, exercising and diet also play a crucial role in keeping wrinkles at bay; however, regular dry brushing too is an essential tool for having a beautiful glow on the face. Keep in mind that the skin on your face is the last to receive nutrients, yet the first to show signs of deficiency of nutrients. Therefore, it is imperative for us to pamper our skins and indulge them meticulously.

What Will Dry Brushing Do for Your Face?

Exfoliate: Removes the dry and flaky skin from your face.

Improve Skin Tone: Dry brushing your face improves the blood circulation in the dermal and epidermal layers of the skin. This stimulates and re-invigorates the facial skin, which in turn is helpful for diminishing the wrinkles.

Stimulates the Lymphs: Dry brushing improves the lymph drainage thereby relieving skin of the lymph congestion around nose and eyes.

Stress Buster: Dry brushing is a great stress buster as it soothes the frown lines on your forehead.

How to Dry Brush Your Face?


  1. Its your Face! Be Gentle
  2. Don’t Over Exfoliate. If its causing lingering irritation on skin then your are clearly overdoing it. For me 2 or 3 times a week is enough.
  3. Don’t use a brush with hard bristles. Check the ones I linked to below. These are meant for brushing your face.
  4. Don’t use more than one type of exfoliation in one go.
  5. Check with a Dermatologist if your skin is sensitive. Not every technique is right for you too.
  6. And finally dont share your brush or use somebody’s brush. + the brush meant for your face shouldn’t be used for anything else.


  1. Make sure your face is dry. For me the perfect time is in the morning before bathing.
  2. Make sure you don’t have anything else on your face. I mean say makeup or some cream. I gently rub a towel before dry brushing.
  3. Don’t brush in long strokes. Brush in short gentle strokes.
  4. Tie your hair or say use a head band. You don’t want to pull your hair off with the brush.
  5. Check the After Dry Brushing Section

The Technique

Brushes You Should to Consider

BrusyBrush Set Of Two Face Brushes. One with natural bristles and wooden handle for Dry Brushing and other with extra soft nylon bristles and a plastic body for wet brushing. The set costs $13.95.

Sublime Beauty Face Brushes. A set of two brushes with horse hair bristles. Costs $14.99 for two with 100% Moneyback Guarantee. Include a complete instructional manual for dry brushing.

Bass Body Care High Quality 100% Natural Brush with firm bristles & a strong wooden handle. Provides good brushing and cleansing experience. Limited time offering for $10.35.

What After Brushing Your Face?

Your skin will be feeling scrubbed after dry brushing and now you need to pamper it. So after you done dry brushing, Wash your face & Apply a good moisturizer.

What I suggest: Dry brush in the morning before bath. After you dry brush your face, Lie down for for a bit with a lightly warm wet cloth on your face. Then after bathing apply a good anti wrinkle cream with moisturizer. Let it soak in and then apply your daily makeup or what ever your routine is. Dry brushing will add only 15-20 minutes.

Hope it works for you too. Let me know what routine you follow or if you do anything differently or have any suggestions.

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Clair has worked in Pharma industry for long. Here she is blogging about various beauty and skin care issues. When she is not blogging she is building sandcastles with her daughter or probably is just hanging out with friends.