Facial Exercises for Aging Skin

Facial exercises (also known as face yoga) have received much media attention lately with many experts claiming that they can be really effective in lifting and toning skin muscles. The good news is that facial exercises when done properly are a good way to fight visible signs of aging like fine lines and skin sagginess with no cost at all-so even if they don’t work you have nothing to lose.

Here are the top facial exercises for mature and aging skin:

-For saggy cheeks or chubby skins do this simple exercise: Take an inhale breath and puff your cheeks distributing the air from one cheek to another until you run out of breath. Another good exercise is to smile as big as you can towards your ears and keep the expression for 10 seconds.

-To tone your eyes and lips at the same time pucker your lips (like kissing) facing the ceiling and keep your lips like that for a few seconds 10 times.

-To lift cheeks and mouth corners use your index and middle finger lifting the area between your cheeks and mouth corners and keep for 10 seconds.

-To lift eyebrows use these three simple exercises: 1.) Raise and lift your eyebrows and open your eyes as much as possible for a few seconds and then release. 2.) Lift your outer eye corners using your index and middle fingers, hold for about 10 seconds and release.3.)Alternatively lift the area just beneath the start of your eyebrows, close your eyes for a few seconds (while keeping your eyebrows stretched) open your eyes and repeat 10 times.

-For plumper lips, pucker your lips forming an “O” and then change with a big smile. Repeat with the same order for a few seconds.

-Lie on your bed facing the ceiling and keep your lips closes and relaxed. After a few seconds open your mouth keeping your upper and lower lip as far as possible and hold for 5 seconds. Repeat the same expression 5 times.

-For  a double chin, sit or stand up looking in a straight line and gently  rotate your head in a circular motion from one shoulder to another. Make sure you movements are gentle and precise to avoid any risk of tension.

-For  toning the neck, stretch looking up  your shoulder and stick your  jaw out further than your upper teeth and hold it for the count of 10.

-For eye bags, place your three center fingers under your eyelids (right on top of the cheekbones).NowpPress your fingers tightly towards your upper cheekbones. Then try to close your eyes tightly and at the same time lift your brow line up. Slowly open and close your eyes 10 times.

While there it is true that facial exercises can have a positive effect on lifting and toning aging skin, noticeable results take time. In most cases, if you do some exercises daily you’ll see an improvement in less than a month.





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Marina Andreas