Menopause & Skin care

Say what? You’ve reached the Golden Age and you’re dealing with menopause?

Admittedly it can do a lot to your skin. The fact that you’re already half a century can be a little too overwhelming. The thing about menopause is that hormones take on a different turn. This affects the skin and leads to other body changes.

Naturally, at this point, skin is going to age 🙁 . Therefore, the skin care routine you followed in your 20s will have to be refreshed. Add to that the fact that this is the time when your skin shows wrinkles and dry skin makes its debut.

To paint a picture, what’s really happening is that the production of estrogen slows down, periods end and ovaries stop releasing eggs. Estrogen is responsible for stimulating collagen that smoothens the skin and produces protective barrier oils. With the approach of menopause, estrogen decreases, as a result, skin loses the optimum ability to retain moisture.

Here’s How to Deal

Flaky skin may appear not just on the elbows or on the face. It can be seen on the chest, back, legs, nails and even the genitals. But all hope is not lost. Eat healthy and live healthy, women in their Golden Age will be able to do just well.

Think Smart-Fats

A little modification on the diet should be able to do the trick. It is about time to integrate walnuts, salmon, eggs and algae. These are good sources that help produce the skin’s protective oil barriers and help to keep the skin well-hydrated. For a diet that dwells more on processed foods, the skin may take on itchy patches and prone to acne. It is time to reach for sardines and oil!

Don’t Neglect SPF and Moisturizer

What’s surprising is that SPF does wonders to people of all ages and yet it is the most neglected topical application. Go for SPF 15 or higher. Without SPF, moles, wrinkles, dry skin and skin cancer will definitely make way. The sun’s rays are more harmful than you think. Even if the day is bleak, don’t think that you will be protected. The harmful rays of the sun can still penetrate fog, clouds and even snow.

Cleanse Gently

Sometimes harsh soap can leave the skin feeling dry. Don’t ignore what your skin is trying to tell you. It might also be time to switch to a gentler cleansing routine. Remember that as you age, your body decreases the production of essential oils. Now is the time to do away with heavily scented or deodorizing soaps. Go for a gentle and light-scented bar.

The Bottom Line                                               :

Moisturize, moisturize.

Good moisturizers do not have to break the bank. Apply with circular motion after a bath and make sure the skin absorbs it all.

Menopause is part of life. It is the way you deal with it, whether gracefully or not, is what makes the difference.

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