Meditation for Longetivity

You probably heard many times that a healthy diet/supplementation and exercise are the top ways of increasing longevity and slow down the aging process, but there are also other ways to retard the effects of aging- Recent studies have found that meditation and focus in the present are associated with high levels of longevity and healthy aging.

Meditation has been practiced for thousand years for mostly spiritual reasons, but scientists have found that these kinds of practices may have a positive impact on mental and physical health as well.

According to a University of California at San Francisco study, individuals who reported focusing on the moment and possibly meditating, have more enlarged and strong telomeres- certain parts of DNA responsible for preventing cell deterioration. The study has found that people with the habit of mind-wandering, tend to have shorter telomeres which means that they are less likely to live longer than those who focus at the present. Furthermore, shorter telomeres are linked with an increased risk of degenerative diseases and death.

The link to meditation is the fact that meditation practices, promote the desired positive focus on the moment and decrease levels of stress associated with mind-wandering. As result, the telomeres are increased and chances of living a longer and healthier life are greatly improved.

According to Elissa Epel, PhD, professor of psychiatry and lead author of the study, our focus on things is able to shape our emotional state as well as influence our physical state on a cellular level, as a result.

Although the whole concept needs to be studied further, the current evidence shows that there is almost certainly a link between mindfulness meditation and longevity.

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