Anti aging myth & facts

Skincare can be a very tricky subject because it’s often hard to distinguish Myths from Facts. You probably know some of these skincare tips, but are they really true? If you are curious to know, then read on the rest of this article.

Myth no 1: Skin should be tight after cleansing / washing.

Although the feeling of tightness is linked with the feeling of purity, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your skin is in optimal condition, after washing. If your skin doesn’t feel smooth and supple, then it’s probably dried out from your harsh ingredients of your cleanser or water. To prevent this, opt for a natural and moisturizing wash that doesn’t strip the skin from vital oils and cause dryness and/or irritation.

Myth no 2: Drugstore products don’t work as good as expensive ones.

According to Dermatologist David Bank, there is almost no difference between drugstore anti-aging products and other lines sold elsewhere. The difference is in the package-These creams often contain the same famous antioxidant ingredients such as AHA’s, co-enzymes, peptides and antioxidants such as Vitamin C and E. The package varies- the pump bottles are designed to be more practical and hygienic because direct contact with the hands is avoided, and an opaque layer on bottle is meant to protect from UV sunlight which can alter the consistency.

Myth no 3: Anti aging creams aggravate the skin and make it look worse.

While it’s true that some anti-aging creams include strong anti-aging ingredients such as Retinols the skin irritation is temporary you can build up resistance by trying smaller pea size amounts and gradually increasing them. In fact most irritation and discomfort occurs when Lasers and strong chemical peels are used.

Myth no 4: You don’t need a sunscreen after 40.

Although it may seem that is not necessary to keep using sunscreen at this age, this not entirely true. Yes, some sun damage might be already there but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep using an SPF-If the skin is left unprotected there is a risk of further sun damage and skin aging. UVA and UVB rays trigger the release of free radicals and cause damage in a DNA level. As a result, skin aging and loss of tone and elasticity occurs. To prevent this, you need to wear sunscreen with an SPF over 30 over your regular moisturizer for maximum fool proof protection.

Myth no 5: If a product doesn’t seem to work fast, change it.

You probably heard many times that a product needs to be changed fast so your skin doesn’t get use to it. While there is some truth in this, if you are constantly changing brands you miss giving the products a chance to work. According to dermatologist Mark G-Rubing, the ideal time to give products a try is over 2 months (8-12 weeks). Everybody’s skin reacts differently but if the product is gentle on your skin and doesn’t cause problems then you should better keep using it a bit longer to see results.

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Marina Andreas