You brush your hair, your teeth but dont usually brush your skin. You Should!

Dry brushing as you can well imagine is simply brushing your skin with a coarse dry brush before bathing. This seems to be quite an old practice of exfoliating skin and has many benefits. It helps in unclogging the pores commonly found on skin, and also excretes toxins that get trapped in the skin.

Why Should You Do it?

Dry brushing offers innumerable benefits to our skin. Here are mentioned some of the most basic advantages.

Increases blood circulation and stimulates lymphatic system

The key most advantage of dry brushing is that it aids in increasing the blood circulation to the skin, which eliminates wastes and results into a magnificent glow on the skin. In addition to that, dry brushing also helps in stimulating lymphatic system and releasing toxins.

Helps in Fighting Stress

Many of the loyal users of dry brushing will tell you that it is highly invigorating because it really helps in calming down your entire system. You feel that your facial muscles are releasing their tensions, and its immediate effects are a smoother and tighter skin.

Dry brushing is the secret to removing dead skin layers

If you happen to have a mature skin then you will know how a build-up of dead skin can result into a thick, dry and leathery looking skin. Fortunately, dry brushing will not only exfoliate this outer layer of the skin but also, stimulate the sweat and oil glands, providing good moisture to the skin. Daily dry brushing will keep your skin away from excess debris.

Basically, dry brushing will keep your skin young, healthy and fresh all the time.


For Psoriasis


For Stretch Mark Removal

How to Do it?

Quite understandably, your skin currently will not be used to dry brushing, and therefore, your skin might be a little more sensitive towards it. But, as time passes, your skin will eventually become use to dry brushing, and you will also start enjoying the process.

Ideally, you must do dry brushing in the morning, before a shower. Usually, you start the brushing process with the feet and then move up the legs. Then, move to the arms and then the torso. For sensitive areas of the skin such as face and breasts, you can perhaps use a softer bristled brush.

Usually it roughly takes about 5 to 15 minutes for the entire dry brushing process to complete.

Donot get the Dry Brush Wet. Do not hand the brush in the shower as they will get wet. Keep the brush somewhere it remains dry and is ready for the next use. Also, if needed, wash your dry brush with a small amount of shampoo or liquid soap.

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Boar Bristle Body Brush with Contoured Wooden Handle

As the name suggests its Natural Boar Brush which is entirely made from 100% Natural Bristles. Excellent for cleansing and gentle exfoliation even on sensitive areas.

The Fuzz Brush Earth Therapeutics

The Brush from Earth Therapeutics uses Japanese Palm Plant. Can be used both for dry and wet body brushing.

Hydrea Professional Brush with Cactus Bristles (Firm/Extra Firm Bristles)

This is a Body Brush which can be used for both Wet or Dry brushing. The Design of this brush is a key factor, contains a hand strap for extra control. Specifically curved cactus cut Bristles provide easy brushing. The wood used in the brush is FSC certified beechwood.

Bath And Relax Dual Head Bath Body Brush

This is a spa quality brush, which can be used for cellulite massage (with its nubby side) and dry brushing (with its bristles). This dual side brush is Easy to use with the long wooden handle.

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