For those who suffer from skin tags know and understand this aesthetically unpleasing condition. In most of the cases, skin tags do not pose any health threat and are usually painless. It is, however, not pleasing to the eyes. Moreover, in some cases, skin tags are painful, should they become infected. Very few individuals don’t mind carrying skin tags on their skin, but most of them hate these tags and want to get rid of them immediately and painlessly. Thankfully, products like TagBand, play a vital role in helping these individuals eliminate skin tags without causing any discomforts. It is in fact a highly effective treatment for removing skin tags.

What Is TagBand?

tagbandskintagremovalkitSkin tags are small skin growths that can be formed anywhere on the skin, from neck to eyelids, underarm to private genitals, literally anywhere. TagBand skin tag removal kit aids in removing these skin tags. It claims to remove these tags within a week. What’s more, it also claims that once these tags are removed, they will never come back.

The TagBand kit is designed in a way that its consumers can use it easily, without putting any hard efforts. Besides, it works on all sizes and forms of skin tags.

The kit includes:

  • Mircro TagBand cone
  • Micro TagBand remover device
  • 10 Micro TagBand bands
  • 10 Micro TagBand swabs

This particular kit helps in stopping blood flow, aiding the removal process to speed up.

How Does It Work?

The good news is, the TagBand is an easy-to-use tool. The kit comes with an easy-to-comprehend instruction manual that helps in making the application much easier. All you need to do is place the band around the skin tag in order to stop the blood supply, which eventually will kill the skin tag as it cannot and will not survive without a flow of oxygenated blood.

While following its application, make sure that you choose the right sized product suitable for your skin tag.

Step 1: Ensure that you, first and foremost, cleanse the area with the help of a swab. The kit contains a few cleansing swabs that will help you in cleaning the area. Cleaning the area helps in reducing the likelihood of developing any infections.

Step 2: Now push one of the bands on top of the cone. It is important to have the band remain in the top 1/5th section of the cone until one is ready for the application.

Step 3: Place the cone over the skin tag. Remember, it should be pressed down well enough till it levels with the rest of the surrounding skin.

Step 4: Gently push the bottom of the remover until the band pops off the cone. After it comes off, the band should be securely around the skin tag.

Step 5: The band should invariably remain in place until the skin tag naturally falls off. Your skin tag will look darker before falling off.

Since TagBand helps in removing skin tags for good, your skin tag won’t grow back once it falls off. Unlike other treatments that take months to show positive results, TagBand is a fast and effective treatment for treating skin tags. Generally speaking, TagBand produces results in only a week’s time. Moreover, TagBand removes skin tags permanently, which means these skin tags once removed won’t come back.

Pros & Cons


  • Faster and permanent results
  • Removes almost all sized and forms of skin tags
  • A simple, painless, and easy treatment
  • No chemicals used
  • Can be purchased online
  • Value for money product
  • 60 days money back guarantee
  • Super-fast delivery
  • Excellent customer services


  • Sometimes, may cause some irritation on the skin
  • May not be very effective in removing really small skin tags

Final Verdict!

If you read online, TagBand is a pretty infamous product. There are many sufferers who stand by the claims of TagBand and show confidence in its ability to produce remarkable results. On Amazon itself, TagBand has received an average rating of 3.9/5 stars. Although most of the users have left positive testimonials in favour of the product, there have been a few complaints too against this product. People have shown a bit of a disappointment in removing tiny skin tags while using this product. Some of them believe that TagBand is not meant for removing small skin tags. But in such cases, one can always choose the micro band!

Regardless, most of the folks support the claims of TagBand and are willing to recommend it to other users. Besides, not only is TagBand effective in removing skin tags, but it is also affordable and reasonably priced. Going to a doctor to get the skin tags removed can cost you an arm and a leg; however, by using TagBand, you are sure to see effective results without hurting your pockets.

All in all, the positives of TagBand certainly outweighs its negatives. It is indeed one of the best, painless, and the easiest treatments to remove skin tags effectively. Tons of people believe in this product and say that it takes only a week to remove the skin tag.

In other words, if you are suffering from skin tags, then TagBand should be your best bet. We give a positive review to TagBand. It is indeed one of the best products that we have in market so far for removing skin tags, unless you want to go for natural remedies for skin tags.

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