7 Reasons Why Not To Use Hair Removing Creams

Some side effects of using hair removing creams are common but some get more severe sometimes. These hair removing creams are formulated according to skin type, hair type and the removal area. So they must be selected carefully or they will affect your skin for sure. This article covers some severe drawbacks of hair removing creams. So check them carefully and give a second thought to buy them or not.

DIY Home Electrolysis Kits For Hair Removal: All You Need To Know

Electrolysis is one of ways for hair removal form face or body. You can find it at most of the clinics or spas. But with the new advanced devices available in the market you can also do it at your home. Here we talk about how this process works and what you need to know about Doing it by Yourself at home.

Pumice Stones for Permanent Hair Removal?

From waxing so often to the expensive treatments like Lasers, there are so many hair removal solutions these days but permanent or fairly long term hair removal solution is hard to find. Did you know an easy and cheap hair removal solution may already be lying in your bathroom: Pumice Stone.

Permanent Hair Removal: What You Must Know!

Is Permanent hair removal even possible? Know the answer to your question and the ways and products which can help you remove the unwanted hair permanently or atleast for a much longer duration than the general hair removal methods.

How to Make Cold Wax for Hair Removal at Home

Before you go in to a waxing saloon or maybe buy a cream your friend suggested.. Wait.. and check if you have a much cheaper, effective and natural option at your home. No need mentioning that cold waxing wont leave your skin burnt but the other thing is you can add various variants and use it at home. Check how you can do it…

Laser Hair Removal – Why to & why NOT to go for it

Well face it, however tough it may be hair removal is something we all HAVE to deal with unless off-course you’re die hard feminist. And by golly how sweet does permanent hair removal sound. Yes. Thats the biggest PRO 🙂