Customer Questions & Answers: Dermology Anti Aging Solution

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It says 100% natural, does that mean it is safe to use while pregnant?


I have some trouble tracking my order delivery. Need some guidance here. How to contact customer service? Has my order been dispatched or not?


I recently bought Dermology anti-aging cream. It does not have SPF in it, so I would like to know if I can use a daily moisturizer with SPF in it in addition to Dermology. If I can, would I apply Dermology first & then the daily moisturizer, or vice-versa? I live in Mexico, & it is essential that I use SPF. Tks.

Lisa Hill

Applying a sunscreen is a must. An SPF 30 cream should do.
What I suggest is, in the morning after washing your face:
1. Apply Dermology cream
2. Let it absorb for 15 minutes minimum.
3. Apply sunscreen.

Dermology already provides more than enough moisturization, you dont need more. Better to find out a sunscreen than doesnt focus on hydration. I prefer this one from meladerm. Its non greasy and does the job.

Diane Hale

Is it safe to be used around the eye area?

Betsy Wilson

What is the right age to start using an anti aging moisturizer?Can it be used as a daily moisturizer?