Dermology Hair Removal Cream

Dermology Hair Removal Cream
Hair removal cream from Dermology is for men and women who want to remove hair painlessly while keeping their skin tone intact. Quick benefits:
  • Safely Use on Any Part of Body
  • Removes hair immediately and painlessly
  • No Razor Burns, No Shaving, No Waxing No Red Bumps
  • At $49.95 for single tube its priced competitively

Dermology Hair removal cream is the ultimate way to remove unwanted body or facial hair quickly and painlessly. If you are fed up with visiting expensive salons and want to avoid the pain factor then you should definitely try this cream. Dermology Hair removal cream is a safe alternative option and can be used in any part of the face or body such as eyebrows, upper lips and legs regardless of your gender and skin type. It works quickly in just a few minutes and removes very easily.


  • Safe alternative to painful waxing plucking and other similar methods. The formula is developed to be painless and soothing with minimized risk of irritation.
  • Works for both men and women in various parts of the face and body. No need to worry if you are not the right candidate for using the product-unless your skin is damaged it can be used for all your hair removal needs.
  • Inhibits hair growth– decreases the need of regular hair removal due to weakening the hair follicles.

Dermology Hair Removal Cream - 5 Month Pack

3 Month Pack - Dermology Hair Removal Cream

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Dermology’s hair removal cream aims at being a natural, effective, painless and simple hair removal solution which is better than other common hair removal products.

During the product development process, Dermology has used carefully chosen ingredients from natural sources that can remove hair effectively while soothing and calming the skin. The ingredients include Aloe Vera which is suitable for all skin types and soothes inflamed skin and Honey which nourishes, repairs and brightens the skin like no other.

Just like all the company products it is very highly unlikely that you will experience and irritation, redness or other adverse skin reactions when using the product.

Active Ingredients:

Calcium Thioglycolate: It helps to weaken the hair by breaking the bonds of hair’s keratin. When enough chemical bonds are broken, the hair can be rubbed or scraped off from the skin.

Sodium Hydroxide & Calcium Hydroxide: These ingredients help to adjust pH level of the skin, which are critical to a hair remover’s performance.

Aloe Vera Gel: It plays a major role in moisturizing and soothing the skin. It helps to keep the skin soft and supple.

Green Tea Extract: It acts as an antioxidant in a hair removing cream.

Other Ingredients:

Chamomile Extract: It is a medicinal herb that has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.

Licorice Extract: Licorice extract could be considered an effective herb due to its anti-inflammatory effects. It helps to make skin clearer and fairer.

V-E Acetate: Vitamin E is a natural skin-conditioning agent and acts as an antioxidant also.

Allantoin: Allantoin is a skin conditioner that has been purified from comfrey. It helps in maintaining healthy skin by encouraging the removal of dead skin cells.

Water(Aqua), Ceteareth-20, Betaglucen, Bisabalol, Iron oxides, Red#40, Yellow#8.


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Dermology Hair Removal Cream
Average rating:  
 11 reviews
by Ateef on Dermology Hair Removal Cream

Is it safe for genital area?

by Rebecca B. on Dermology Hair Removal Cream

I was a little skeptical but this product did the work. I have very sensitive skin and had to use a different razor daily in order to prevent underarm infection. However this cream did wonders for me. I applied it and under 6 minutes my hair was gone and I had no Irritation at all.

by Patricia on Dermology Hair Removal Cream
No Weird Smell

This was my first time that I chose this cream, To my amazement, it is a great Hair removal cream, I had no issues with my Hair removal and it doesn't smell that bad.

by Loretta on Dermology Hair Removal Cream
No Complaints

It is very smooth and the experience of using this cream is out of the world, The scent is how it should be and you just cant complain about it as it saves you from the Razor.

by Mary on Dermology Hair Removal Cream
Works For Sensitive Skin

My sister recommended this product to me and I really loved it. I was a bit skeptical about using hair removal cream because I use it once when I was young and got a bad allergy from it due to my sensitive skin. But this cream works great and I have never seen any allergies not even redness on my skin.
I would recommend this product to people with sensitive skin.

by Kristie on Dermology Hair Removal Cream
Works Great

The product works really well I prefer it over shaving and it really saves me from the redness and razor bumps. The finish is not as clean as a razor will provide you but it keeps my skin soft, which matters a lot.

by Michelle Green on Dermology Hair Removal Cream
Best of kind

The smell yes it stinks, but it's not a moisturizer, it's a hair removal cream and it does the work better than any other product. I have very sensitive skin and this is the first hair removal cream that haven't left my skin red after usage.

When you use it leave it on for about 3-4 minutes longer than the recommended time.

by Shannon Shore on Dermology Hair Removal Cream
Worked for me

Very gentle on skin, I did a test as suggested by the Manufacturers. I tested the product for any allergic reactions but thanks to The great product there weren't any reactions at all. I applied the product more thickly than usual and left it for about 10 mins.

It's a great product and even if you have very sensitive skin this is the cream to look for.

by Erika Wilson on Dermology Hair Removal Cream
A good hair removal option

Good one! I have sensitive skin, Razors hurt me. I tried several other creams along with waxing. By far this quite a product that takes the cake. The smell is as expected with depilating creams! It did not make my skin red, and did burn or welt my skin. There is only one downside; I had to use it for 6 minutes! I was expecting it to take less than 5 minutes.

by Andrea on Dermology Hair Removal Cream
Definitely recommended

After years of painful waxing and shaving I decided to try your product and I’m happy I did. It works as stated and there is no pain at all… I will certainly recommend it to others

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