Eye CreamIt may have something to do with your lifestyle, but having dark circles under your eyes are just not a good impression among people you meet. Unfair as it may seem, people around you are already making judgments about your appearance even before they get to know you holistically as a person. The good news is that in today’s age of skin breakthroughs, you don’t have to be stuck with the dark circles under your eyes. The name of the game is to identify the causes and to zero-in.

1. You Lack Sleep

It’s the lack of sleep and the amount of stress that causes the skin under your eyes to become pale, reducing circulation and making you look like a raccoon.

How To Beat It: First of all, get enough sleep. 7-9 hours is usually enough. Going beyond that will make your eyes puffy. Also, be sure to refrain from consuming too much alcohol and reduce your drug intake, always take them in moderation. Get enough vitamins that help you with enough sleep. Poor vitamin absorption tends to reduce adrenal function.

2. You Go To Bed With Makeup On

You know what the feeling is like when you come home from a wild, wild party and are too exhausted to hit the showers. You should at least drink enough water and have some makeup remover within reach to avoid those dark under-eye circles in the morning. Makeup tends to clog your pores and who knows when your mascara will stick to the skin under your eyes when you are asleep.

How To Beat It: Hydrate. Drink plenty of water to hydrate your body before going to bed. Likewise, have makeup remover or wipes ready to remove foundation and eye makeup in all of your areas. Leave no traces behind to let your skin breathe and to avoid those ugly circles in the morning.

3. You Don’t Eat Well and Eat Clean

What you put into your body will eventually show on your skin. You may not know it but skin problems are a result of vitamin deficiency. Drinking plenty of water will also help your circulation.

How To Beat It: Plan your meals, eat fresh produce and include plenty of fruits and vegetables. Choose foods that are rich in antioxidants like berries. Reduce your salt intake to avoid water retention in the body. Too much salt can also cause eye puffiness and can cause your veins to appear bluer than normal.

4. You Don’t Relax and Meditate

Sometimes it is all in how you take things in stride. Accept the things that you cannot control and you will find that you will be more relaxed.

How To Beat It: Worrying too much will prevent you from getting enough rest and can also affect your appetite. Learn to slow down, meditate and also take your time. You can listen to soothing music and experience aromatherapy too.

Most of the time, we can change the causes of under-eye circles but just don’t realize it. Try to take a step back and see which one is causing your beauty problem and you just might take it with a grain of salt and target these problems easily.

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