Effect of Quick Weight Loss on SkinYou must have heard that obnoxious remark too often already, that you’re fat, you lack exercise, you look older than your actual age, etc. These are hurtful comments that can ruin not just your day but also your confidence. Because some people’s image of beauty is distorted, they want to bring you down to it too.

However you don’t have to sacrifice your confidence just to pacify people’s perspective of you as a person. Let it be reminded that it is your own choice to lose weight and to evaluate its effects later on. There are pros and cons of weight loss with the way it affects your physical appearance.

You Are In Good Shape

Let’s talk about physical changes and what it can do to your face. If you lost weight, attention immediately goes to your face and this shows that you are in good shape.

First of all, the cheekbones become more defined. The jaw lines are also more visible. This explains why models have to be lean and fit all the time. When you have a lean face, you are instantly associated with someone who is quick and active, not someone who is slow and sloppy.

Keep Away From The Double Chin!

If you gain weight, your face blends with your neck and you will look like you have a double chin. Gravity will play up your features even if there was nothing there in the first place. People around you will notice and even if they are well-meaning, they will say things that may come off as insensitive and will put a strain on you.

Your Skin Is Tighter Around Your Face

When your skin is tighter and firmer around your face, your face embraces the symmetry and your face looks firmer and smoother. After you have lost weight, your fat cells shrink, but your skin does not and it might look like there is sagging skin however this will simply bounce back. It can cause rashes but there are many topical applications that can be of help.

Thus, be focused on losing just two pounds a week and remember that losing weight is a marathon and not a sprint.

Losing weight also means that you are able to feel more active and look younger than your age. It is alright to be a little chubby and it is the natural course of people as we age. However, it also pays to be lean most of the time because of overall physical and emotional health.

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