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Does it have a long lasting effect. I mean if I use it for say 1 year then stop using it how long will the results last?


How can Lifecell claim to work for everything from wrinkles to dark circles to sagging?


How is it better from the creams which are specifically for dark circles?


How can it be better than face lift? If we say disregard the price factor.


Can you explain the thing about this cream helping reflecting light to decrease the appearance of wrinkles?


I read somewhere that it helped someone deal with acne as well? Is it true? Can it even work on acne?


Does it have any side effects? May be after continued usage over a period of time?


Can it have similar immediate effect on dark circles?

Karen Horn

When I received the product the box wasn’t sealed why?

Charlene Washington

Does it help in fighting the toxins that are responsible for aging?