Dermaflage Starter Kit

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✔ Complete scar concealer kit for: Acne & Medical Scars

Six color options to match your skin tone exactly

Free Exchange if the Color Doesn’t Match

✔ 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

✔ Enough for 3 Months Approx

✔ Kit Consists of: 2 Tone Applicators, mixing stick, application tool & texture pad

✔ Get 10 mixing tips booklet for Free




Kit Options: Color

When you buy Dermaflage starter kit, you have Six color options to choose from: Tan, Ivory, Golden, Rosy, Dark & Bronze Kit. In each kit you get two shades. You can mix and match these undertones to create the exact tone.

11 reviews for Dermaflage Starter Kit

  1. Sabestian

    All my scars are fixed very well by this dermaflage concealer. Just one application and it looks very real. I can use it with my makeup and no one finds out any flaws. Its perfect for my skin type.

  2. Titan

    I met an accident a few years back and got a scar on my jawline. This Dermaflage starter Kit concealer covers those scars very efficiently. It blends into the skin and doesn’t show up. It looks genuinely cool.

  3. Hannah

    It helps me cover my skin discoloration which is very mild. It covers my small skin patches and scars very smoothly. Time-consuming but gives you the results. It enriches skin and makes it smooth and gives it a natural look.

  4. Tiffany

    It’s a nice cover kit for a scar. When I got my kit, I was a bit worried about how the outcome would be. But now am satisfied with this. I use this only for special occasions since it is too time-consuming for daily use. I added a quick swipe of silica finishing powder to blur it out into my skin. It soaks into the skin quickly and easily and won’t make your face feeling oily or greasy at all.

  5. Whella

    The product is not at all easy to use. It is a bit complicated and requires a lot more practice. Sometimes it lightens the scars but sometimes it may darken the same due to over-coat. It may get even worse if the powder doesn’t matches your skin tone. I used a simple tint over my scars and didn’t matched my tone so it looked weird.

  6. M. S Andrew

    The product is not made fo everyone! This product is probably good if you only have a few scars and not deep one. But the product doesn’t work if you have many and deep scars. It will lighten your scars up to some extent but still you can observe the scars if they are severely deep and dark.

  7. Casia

    It worked well for me. I had started to give up on finding anything that could help me with my scars. I gave Dermaflage a chance and I am happy I did. I have tried many other products in an effort to deal with my problem, and nothing worked like I needed. I use it very little sometimes to hide all my scars before I go to a party. And I get the most natural effect that I wish for. I love this product.

  8. Jaqueline

    I liked the product. Now I can hide all my scars easily. Took a little time to practice but now I can go out with my friends and no one can see my scars. Even if you have a pox mark, it’s gone it seconds! And looks natural!

  9. Gwenth

    It is good for oily skin but people with dry skin like me have to face some problems with it. It comes in a powdered form which makes skin drier. Moreover, it is too costly for what it serves.

  10. Grace J.

    We all have our skin problems and mine was to develop acne while using any makeup products. But this is the only product which has surprised me it covers up all the spots and scars which you might be having and they aren’t noticeable at all works great with other makeup components and provides a great coverage.

  11. Anna P.

    It covers it all acne scars,blemishes,dark spots, You name it. The product is really good I use it after applying my daily moisturizer and it works great with it. It is sheer enough so no one will say that you have makeup cake on your face. They wont even notice what they will notice is your scar free look.

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