Dermefface FX7 Scar Reduction Therapy

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Dermefface FX7 is one of the best selling scar reduction creams from Skinception, and is claimed to reduce a developing scar or make an existing scar much less noticeable.

Buy 6 month supply (less than $34 per bottle) or try it for one month @ $59.95



Dermefface FX7 : Scar Cream from Skinception

“An all-around scare removal cream that fades scars like magic”

Dermefface claims to be the one stop solution for all kinds of scar types (injuries, acne, burns, surgery and chicken pox) and a scar free smooth skin. The developers of Dermefface FX7 have combined together some of the best ingredients that have been proven effective in fading out scars. The active ingredients of Dermefface FX7 include

  • Pentavitin – A plant extract that moisturizes skin
  • Symglucan – Targets wrinkles and heals scars quickly
  • Pro-Coll-One – Helps in the production of Colagen
  • Di- panthenol (provitamin B5) – Anti-inflammatory ingredient that helps in healthy re-growth of skin.
  • Vitalayer – A peptice rich ingredient that reduces the appearance of scars.
  • Niacinamide – Prevents hyperpigmentation.
  • Hydrolite 5 – Enhances the effects of other ingredients
  • Allantoin – Aids healing of dry and damaged skin.
  • Other ingredients include beta-glucan, acai extract and hydrolyzed soybean fiber.

DermeffaceFX7 fades scars and makes them disappear permanently keeping your skin healthy and moisturized. It is loaded with antioxidants, moisturizes and clinically proven ingredients that speed up the healing process all the while keeping the skin smooth. The product is available at a cost of $60 per month and comes with a money back guarantee.

23 reviews for Dermefface FX7 Scar Reduction Therapy

  1. rob

    I have applied this skinception scar reduction therapy for months. It has a good start but then it just stopped showing any results. The scars are way lighter than before but it doesn’t get removed completely.

  2. Alan

    I had a very ugly scar on my forehead, I though I would have to live with that and Wont find any solution which will be cost effective. I bought this product after the recommendation from my friend. I can say that the stuff works and I would continue using it so that I will get rid of the ugly scar.

  3. Hannah

    I love it, I had acne marks and dark spots on my back, I used this cream regularly for about two months. All those spots are gone and You cant even tell if any dark spots were present.

  4. Geneva

    Well I didn’t see any siginificant reduction in the appearance of my scar for two weeks. But after that it started to lighten up and I can say that, This cream wont vanish your scar but it will make it a bit less visible.

  5. Patricia

    I was using a moisturizer before which wasn’t working very well for my skin so I switched to this cream. From the first day of usage I have seem improvement in my face the dark spots that I had are now gone. The cream provides a good cover for scars and makes them go away.

  6. Kim

    I had scars in my arm because a dog bit me when I was 5 years old and I also had fresh scars from a cosmetic surgery which I went through. I began using this cream as soon as I received it and the results was really great I saw great difference in my scars. The scars started lightening up first and then Were hardly noticeable. The cream is really great and I even love it smell.

  7. Andrew

    I have been using this cream for one month now. I use it on my leg surgery scar every morning and in the evening. After this long usage I can say clearly that the product doesn’t reduced the appearance that much but have lightened the scar and As good as the cream is,it would definitely cure it.

  8. Betty

    I ordered it for my kid because he had a scar on his arm. He was always like Mommy I want this scar removed. I was first thinking that what can a cream do, But I was wrong this cream has done wonders for my son and I as a mother am very proud to have ordered it. The cream is very easy to apply and it works on the scar from the first day and also keeps the skin moisturized.

  9. Monica

    I used for about one month and the scar which I had hasn’t improved. I used it as advised and still the results are not here. But I guess some creams wont work no matter how hard you try.

  10. Cheryl

    I have many scars but not all of them are hidden. So I needed something to deal with the open scars. I ended up buying this cream which actually worked great for me. The depth of scars is decreased and the scars are also lighter than they were before. The scent of this cream is something you will have to deal with. Other than that its a great cream which does what it says.

  11. Lillian

    It keeps the scar area moistiurised but that’s the only thing which it does. I have seen my scars lighten a bit but that’s it. After some of that it stopped working for me,Wasted money on this.

  12. Sonia

    Great Great Great. I love this cream It helped me get rid of a very ugly looking scar which I had on my hand. That scar was very bad for me as I had lost all my confidence due to that. whenever I tried to shake hands with someone they would look at the scars first and that made me feel so bad. But now that the scar is gone I can shake hands more comfortably. Really great cream and worth the money.

  13. Patty

    I didnt tell my husband that I was using this cream and he knew that the scar on my face bothered me so much. SO one day he says that darling your scar looks different and then I told him that I was using a cream for this. He was so shocked to see the result and said to me I just cant believe a cream can do that. Well this cream just made me feel really well and the scar is about to go away. Thanks Dermefface

  14. Melissa

    It has been two weeks since I started using this cream. IO had many scars some of them was from burns and I am glad to see that the cream has started working and the bad looking burn scars has already lightened. The scent of this cream is not that bad and its easy to apply.

  15. Beverly Bremner

    The product is great it does what it says. At first I wasn’t able to go out without makeup due to the scars. I have seen significant improvement in my scars and now I am confident enough to go out without makeup.

  16. Kimberly

    I am 57 year old and I love this product, I have been using it for 9 month now and I am very happy with the results it gave me. It has improved the overall tone and texture of my skin. what else can you ask for at this age.

  17. Sheena

    Is this product gender neutral?

  18. Elsie Rivera

    Will it help keep my skin from going dry in winters?

  19. Marlene Morgan

    I had a Dog bite scar in my right leg, the scar was huge and I just didn’t liked the sight of it. So I decided to get rid of it and bought Dermefface. It worked out for me and the scar is very much gone now.

  20. Polly Freel

    Is this cream Made in USA

  21. Velma Cooper

    1 year ago I Had Leg surgery, Is it safe to use this product on my surgical scar?

  22. Sarah Velez

    I bought this product after researching several products. I had a surgery on both of my legs which called for 3 incisions per leg. I was told that I would have pencil line scars. After the first surgery I was devastated at the huge, raised scars that were about 1″ x 3″…far from a pencil line. I have been using this product for 3 weeks now and there is an amazing difference. No, they are not gone, but they are so much better already. I only have to use a dot of the oil per incision so I can barely tell that I’ve used any. I think the bottle will last at least 6 months at this rate.

  23. Linda

    I have been using this product since September; improvements are very much visible. I had scars for quite a few years and my acne is still worse. The product is great for putting on with my makeup. Today my skin is smooth, scars are almost gone and i have uplifted my confidence. Although i had just ordered a one month supply in the beginning but seeing the effects a six month supply was inevitable.

    I am quite happy with the product and will continue with it for a long time atleast till i have a smooth glowing skin that has no signs of the scars i have had in my past.

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