Senvie Lux Intensive Skin Lightening Cream

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Lux Intensive from Senvie is a skin brightener that decreases the appearance of spots, hyper pigmentation, acne marks and evens out the skin tone.

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Lux Intensive Skin Lightening Cream is skin brightening cream from Senvie skin care that is claimed to erase dark spots, acne scars and hyper pigmentation giving you a even skin tone and blemish free beautiful skin. It hydrates and rejuvenates your skin restoring it to its original beauty and youthfulness.

Directions to Use the cream recommend using it twice a day by applying it on your dry dulled out skin. For better results, it is recommended to use a sunscreen to protect your fresh and glowing skin.

The active formula of the cream has several natural ingredients that are capable of brightening your skin without any side effects. Some of the ingredients are

  • Licorice (Glycyrrhiza Glabra root Extract): Licorice contains Galbridin that has been clinically proven to be a powerful pigment preventor. It preents UVB induced pigmentation and inhibits cyclo-oxygenase activity.
  • White Willow (Salix Alba bar Extract): White Willow gently exfoliates the dead skin cells away and clears up blemishes. It has powerful antibacterial and astringent properties.
  • Green tea (Camellia Sinesis extract): Green tea contains powerful anti oxidants that protect the skin from free radicals and sun damage.
  • Vitamin E (Tocopherol Acetate): Vitamin E has always been a popular ingredient in beauty products due to its powerful anti oxidant properties.
  • Glycerin: Glycerin moisturises your skin and prevents skin dryness and itchiness.

This beauty product is made in USA and is priced at $54.95 with a 90-Day money back guarantee.

15 reviews for Senvie Lux Intensive Skin Lightening Cream

  1. menessa

    This Senvie lux cream makes the skin bright and spot free. I observed the difference in 2 weeks. I am using this cream regularly now for 2 months now.

  2. Victoria

    Had very bad scars as I fall down several times in childhood. Senvie Lux treated these old scars very effectively. They have not gone completely but this cream lightened them to an extent that I can hardly see them now.

  3. Hannah

    I had body piercing scars and spots on my eyebrows and I had to use various treatments. I used this cream too and I am sure that this cream has helped me more than any products.

  4. Michelle

    I have been using this cream for 6 days and I can already see results. The dark spots and scar marks which i had are starting to disappear and I can see that Skin tone has lightened a bit.

  5. Odegrel

    I am in love with this cream, Its very soft on skin and works great. I use it twice on my face and I can see dark spots reducing and my skin also has developed a new supple texture.

  6. Jubin Singh

    Worst customer service.they don’t respond to customer complains.

  7. Mary T.

    This helped me with the hyper pigmentation on my skin and also helped in brightening the skin. I use this along before the sunblock and it really works great. The spots I had on my skin lightened in a week.

  8. Sabrina Hawkin

    This is a really great product after I use this my face feels hydrated and bright. You need no makeup once you start using this cream. I have tried many moisturizers an lightening products but this one is my favorite as it has given me results.

  9. Katherine

    I am having severe acne breakouts, I am using acne cleaning face wash but it makes my skin dry. My doctor recommended to buy a skin lightening cream to treat the dark acne spots. Will this cream help me with my spots and can it provide the sufficient moisturization.

  10. Mary Waits

    It is pricey and the packaging isn’t great at all. Even the smell is overwhelming.

  11. Darlene

    I have very sensitive skin and most of the creams that I have used always made my skin breakout. But after using this I can say that my skin have never looked better, I get compliments for my skin now. I can feel my skin is very smooth now and overall appearance has also changed.

  12. Giselle Hopwood

    Since the size of the product is small how long will it last?

  13. Hazel

    I finished a month of usage of this product and i can see some lighter spots, Will continue the usage and will advice people to definitely buy it because finding something that works is tough.

  14. Audrey Cline

    Is there any possible way to have the product on trial basis so that I make sure it works before spending Money on it?

    • Clair

      In my experience its much better to stay away from trial programs. If you want to check buy one month supply. Use Paypal rather than credit card.

  15. Hazel

    It didn’t work out for me, I have been using it since the last two months and I haven’t seen any difference in my dark spots.

  16. Kelly Pettersen

    I have been using it since last 3 months. Its not that effective but it surely makes a difference. TThe dark spots seem to be reducing.

  17. Jack

    How to cancel a product by order id?

    • Clair

      Here is what Senvie’s Cancellation Policy says:

      Once an order has been submitted your credit card will be charged. Our ordering process is streamlined so your order will immediately be sent to processing and then shipping. Due to the high volume of orders we receive we will be unable to cancel an order after submitted. Please order carefully.

  18. Jenny

    When not to use Lux Intensive?

    • Clair

      It is better to avoid or consult your physician before using this cream if you are Breastfeeding, Have Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, or Have Any Other Medical Condition or Concern.

  19. Clara O. Jackson

    The creams works just fine and is easy to apply as well. At the discount price and with free shipping, its quite a deal.

  20. Jessica Lynt

    If I stopped using Senvie Lux Intensive Skin Lightening Cream say after 6 months of use, will my skin get darker?

    • Clair

      No skin lightening products leave a lasting effect. So you cant expect the effects to linger on for long. Your skin will resume its actual color. Skin lightening creams work by suppressing melanin production. Once you stop using them the melanin production resumes. Regular use of Sunblock helps delay regaining the old melanin levels.

  21. Patricia G. Neese

    Tried out a lot of skin lightening creams in the past three years yielded no results on the contrary the ones prescribed made my skin peel, burn and turn red until I had to stop using them. This product is just great since it did not irritate my skin at all and I saw results in the first couple of weeks. Senvie Lux Intensive Skin Lightening Cream has also made a few sun spots dwindle along with a couple of others i had from my birth control measures. Overall my skin just looks fresher and brighter. I am going to use this over a period of time and wait for the spots to clear.

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