Setavan Stretch Mark Cream

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A premium formulation that promises to reduce the appearance of stretch marks in just fourteen days.

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  • Prevent Growth of Stretch Marks
  • Reduce the Appearance of Old Stretch Marks
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Setavan is a premium Scar reduction therapy from Senvie. Developed after a long research over here in US this product claims to:

  • Give Guaranteed Visible results in 14 days
  • Restores Skin Health
  • Reduce Visibility of stretch marks
  • Provide magical skin treatment
  • Works for old and new stretch marks

How it Works

Stretch Marks are generally formed due to the stretching of the dermis, which can be a result of pregnancy or increased fat. Setavan helps the skin balance the collagen and elastin proteins by treating the skin with anti oxidants.

Setavin works in two steps:

  • Regeneration of essential protein structures: collagen & elastin
  • Hydrating the skin to improve elasticity of skin
  • Nourishing the skin to improve skin tone

Extra Benefits to Juice up the Offer

  • Free Shipping on all Orders within USA
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • 120 day guarantee
  • Results or money back

10 reviews for Setavan Stretch Mark Cream

  1. koudy

    I was very fat from my childhood. I lost 18 kgs weight and got stretch marks on my body. I Have used this Setevan Stretch mark cream for 3 months and it started fading a little. The skin texture has also improved.

  2. saisha

    Setevan stretch mark cream is very effective on the early stretch marks. It’s not that good on the old marks but can remove the new marks very effectively. I started applying at the first appearance of my stretch marks during pregnancy and got very good results.

  3. Martha

    The cream works great and better then what I have expected from it, and the bottle lasts longer than I expected. I have been using it for 2 months and I am still on my first bottle.

  4. Clara

    I bought a stretch marks cream once and I really hated the smell but this one smells fantastic. It also made my skin very soft and super smooth. It has decreased some stretch marks but so far I cant say much about that.

  5. Tiffany

    The reviews are true. This stuff actually works. I have only been using it for a couple of weeks and I already see results. I can take care of my new stretch marks and I am going to use the remainder of it on my old stretch marks as well. I’m 33 years old and is maintaining my stretch marks successfully. I am satisfied with the cream

  6. Kat K

    The cream is good for stretch marks no doubt. But the lotion is too much creamy. It leaves a greasy touch behind and is sticky. Moreover, I saw some differences in the texture of my stretch marks but nothing dramatic.

  7. Jennifer

    I really loved this cream. I have been using this cream for old stretch marks I had from my previous pregnancy. You would not believe but I really don’t have any stretch marks. There are some but they are too light to observe. And the credit goes to this cream. Now I can freely move on a beach with my kids without any fear.

  8. Quell

    I bought this cream because of all the fake promises and reviews that gave me a hope that this might finally be the product to get rid of my stretch marks. But I didn’t get what I expected.
    Though I loved the citrus smell and texture. And, it was very moisturizing also. But the cream did not work for my stretch marks. I used this cream religiously, twice a day (morning and night). I just finished the tube clean and there is no difference on my stretch marks. Hence, The search for a cream that actually works still continues.

  9. Lissa

    I am 28 years old. After my pregnancy I got some stretch marks. Then one of my friends suggested for this cream. I actually notice that about a week and a half into using it, my stretch marks looked lighter. Now the one that I have that were very small are just about gone. I mean they are extremely lighter. I am actually very please with it and gonna continue to use it so that they don’t come again.

  10. Amy Jensen

    I bought the product and applied it on the scar for about three weeks, The results however started to show up from the 2nd week of application and my scar is now lightened and is also fading away. I would definitely recommend the product to anyone who wants to get the normal look and say goodbye to the scars.

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