Psoriasis CreamUnlike many treatments available in the Market today, Revitol Dermasis is made of 100% natural ingredients and does not include any harsh chemicals which often make symptoms worse. Here is a list of the active ingredients used in this and what they can do for you:

1)  Salicylic acid 2%: Salicylic acid is often used in many products to treat acne but evidence suggests that it may be beneficial for other skin conditions including Psoriasis. Salicylic acid is Beta Hydroxy Acid that has the ability to penetrate the skin pores and encourage the removal of dead skin cells trapped in the upper skin layers. As a result, psoriasis lesions heal faster and become less noticeable.

2.)    Vitamin E acetate:  Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant substance and is one of the top vitamins to promote skin healing and prevent future damage in many skin conditions including psoriasis and scarring without causing dryness or greasiness.

3.)      Tea tree oil: Originally found in Australia, tea tree oil has been sued for years for many inflammatory skin conditions from acne to psoriasis. It is considered a very strong antibacterial that stops naturally the formation of harmful bacteria to prevent and further damage.

4.)    Glycerin: Glycerin is a colorless sugar alcohol, derived from natural sources and is widely used in many skin products. According to a certain study, Glycerin proved to relieve symptoms of red, dry and itchy skin in the majority of subjects who used it for a few weeks. Glycerin has a proven ability to hydrate and calm irritated skin and is one of the safest and non-comedogenic ingredients found in our product.

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