Boost Breast Milk Enhancer Review

Why You MAY Need a Breast Milk Enhancer?

How to judge, produced breast milk is enough or not?

This question arises in every mother’s mind when she starts breastfeeding her baby. For some new mothers, breastfeeding becomes uncomfortable and painful. They have to struggle with the shortage of milk supply. Whereas several over-possessive mothers think that the feed is not enough for the baby, but is not. Many women get confuse with this. Well, it’s not that tough! When your baby grows normally and puts on weight, it means the feed is up to the mark.

If at any moment you find, your breastfeed is just not enough for your baby. We have a solution for it too!

There are many supplementary pills available in the market which can improve lactation. One of them is Boost Breast Milk Enhancer. It is a possible solution to increase breast milk in nursing mothers.

Here I have provided a detailed Boost Breast Milk Enhancer Review covering all the aspects. The two basic ones being: 1) Official version of what it is supposed to do, and 2) my own Boost Breast Milk Enhancer review, so you can compare and make up your mind. If you need to verify any official information you can always their Official website.

Boost Breast Milk Enhancer Review: Official Version

BOOST Breast Milk EnhancerWhat is Boost Breast Milk Enhancer

Boost Breast Milk Enhancer is a dietary supplement which aims to increase the breasts milk level. This “easy to swallow capsule” contains a blend of herbs, specifically designed to trigger milk production naturally so that your baby never goes hungry.

Boost Breast Milk Enhancer stimulates the hormones to work efficiently. This makes milk production easy and effortless. This natural production of milk will satisfy your baby naturally with a right amount of milk.

Now let’s see what the company claims:

  • When you’ll start taking Boost breast milk enhancer supplements, you’ll observe positive results within 1-3 days.
  • It will increase the milk production up to 86%, more than that of the usual. Now, the more you feed your baby, the more milk your body will produce.
  • It’s safe herbal ingredients directly affects the hormones and makes them efficient in improving lactation.

How it Works

Milk secretion is controlled by two primary hormones: prolactin and oxytocin which boosts up lactation in nursing mothers. When an infant sucks the milk, hormones stimulates more milk in breasts. Active extracts used in Boost Breast Milk Enhancer such as silymarin increases prolactin in the body and stimulates milk production.

Since we can’t measure breast milk, we assume it to be sufficient when baby feels content. Boost Breast Milk Enhancer helps to provide adequate production of breast milk. Not only produces, but also maintains it as long as sufficient breast stimulation and emptying continues.

Breast milk provides nutritional and immunological benefits to the baby. So, it is necessary to nurse a baby with this milk. Now let’s check its ingredients that stimulate breast milk. This is just a gist of the explanation, find more on the official website.


Lactation Proprietary Blend:

Milk thistle (seed) extract ( silymarin marianum), Artichoke(leaves), Fenugreek(seeds), Alfalfa(leaves), Basil(leaves)

Other ingredients:

Gelatin, Magnesium stearate

How do they work?

All the ingredients used in Boost breast milk enhancer possess galactagogue properties. Moreover, they all are herbs that effectively work for milk production. Individually each and every herb plays a vital role in this supplement such as:

Silybum marianum extract: Milk thistle (Silybum marianum) is a legend herb. It is included in some breast milk enhancers to increase prolactin in the body. It helps to reduce the toxin overload in women.

Artichoke extract: This is another lactogenic herb that stimulates milk production. The extract is completely safe for lactating women as well as pregnant women.

Fenugreek seeds extract: This extract increases galactagogue in nursing mothers which works well to boost up the breast milk.

Alfalfa extract: This natural herb contains all essential vitamins and minerals that work for mammary tissue. Hence, increases milk supply.

Basil extract: This natural remedy not only increases breast milk production but also treats fertility. It is a rich source of galactagogue.

Gelatin: Gelatin contains a high level of collagen and is a rich source of proteins which are essential for a healthy mother.

Magnesium stearate: It is generally used in capsules due to its lubricating properties.

How to use

The dietary supplementary contains 30 tablets as mentioned on the label. You need to consume one capsule every day for 1-2 weeks necessarily. You can also continue it for longer if needed. To achieve the goal of content breast feeding till your baby grows up well, you need to take a daily dose.


  • Keep it away from children and store it in a cool and dry place.
  • Take only a single dose daily. If it is showing any side effect, you can go for medication consulting your doctor.
  • Although it’s not mentioned, Prefer it after the meal to avoid empty stomach side effects.

Boost Breast Milk Enhancer: Personal Review

Pros & Cons


  • Blended with all natural herbs: The supplement includes all natural ingredients which are safe to use.
  • Clinically approved: It is clinically approved to be an effective treatment for breast milk production.
  • Offers Free trial pack: For customer satisfaction, Company offers 30-days free trial pack for new customers.
  • Boosts 86% daily milk production: Main aim of this supplement is to increase your breast milk production up to a great extent from the normal one.


  • No clear Directions: You have to consult a doctor for the proper directions.
  • Not evaluated by FDA: It is clearly mentioned on its official website that all the statements made by them are not evaluated by FDA.
  • New brand with fewer reviews: When I checked its reviews online, unfortunately, I didn’t get many.
  • Costly: A bit costly product


Are there any side effects?

For new moms who aren’t producing enough, concern for the product’s side effect is obvious! But you don’t have to worry at all. Trust me! The product contains 100% natural herbs and is completely safe to use.


Does it Really Work?

The answer is yes! After analyzing its overall pros and cons I found it productive towards lactation. Boost Breast Enhancement formula works on the root level of your problem. It increases the lactation production without any efforts.

Clinically approved results:

The product is already approved clinically by the doctors so, we can assume it to be fruitful. The company even revealed its clinical trials to validate its effectiveness. So now you don’t have to compromise with its safety. Ok, lets see what they concluded from these trials…

The clinical trials were conducted in Peru within a panel of 50 subjects and continued for 63 days. Subjects were divided into two groups. Half were treated with Boost Breast Milk Enhancer supplements whereas some were placebo. During the trial it was observed, women who received the supplementary pills increased their milk production up to 86%.


My personal review

It’s worth to use Boost breast milk enhancer. Like a blessing, you’ll produce 86% more milk from the usual daily production. With this supplement, not only lactation becomes easy but breastfeeding also becomes cheerful for you and your baby. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about its side-effects as the company claims for it to be 100% natural.

The best part is I can try its 30 days free trial pack first. If I find it working well, I can buy more of it.

So, try the product and leave all your anxieties. Feed your baby with as much he demands!


When can you expect results?

The product claims for a positive result within 1-3 days. It offers you a free trial pack also to check the efficiency of this breast milk enhancer.

Pricing Review

BOOST Breast Milk Enhancer Pricing Review

BOOST Breast Milk Enhancer Pricing: Click to Check on Official Website.

Frankly there are not many natural breast feed supplements available in the market. There are generally two ranges of products available:

$30-$40: Available on Amazon and similar sites. The only problem I have with them (till I review them) is that they are not provided directly from the Manufacturer. I am not sure if I can trust something especially during nursing stage.

$50- $90: These are sold directly from the manufacturer. These also have good reviews and contain all of the ingredients needed for boosting milk supply. But they are so costly.

How BOOST fares in terms of pricing?: This product has two benefits: 1) Contains almost same ingredients list like the overly priced products. 2) It is fairly priced, especially if you buy 3 or 6 month packages.

But in the end price is a personal factor, what may seem costly to some would seem cheaper for others.

My Verdict

The foremost duty of a new mom is to feed the new baby with sufficient amount of breast milk to maintain baby’s fitness. Alas, If you feel unlucky, and find yourself in an unfortunate position of not been able to produce much milk from your breast. Then you should go for this dietary supplement.

For the matter of concern, the product is not a bogus. It claims for, what is already proven by doctors and consultants. It is safe to use and benefits you in every possible manner.

Customer Boost Breast Milk Enhancer Reviews

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Boost Breast Milk Enhancer
Average rating:  
 7 reviews
by Sania on Boost Breast Milk Enhancer

I couldn't enough milk from the time of my delivery. It was just getting very depressing for me. I was recommended this Boost breast milk. It helped me a lot. It is a great product for all the new mothers who encounter this problem. No side effects.

by Gail T. on Boost Breast Milk Enhancer

I actually was in a depressed phase, I was having a hard time dealing with the stress which was going on in my life as I lost my mother. I was not even taking care o my diet and my child was also having problems due to that. Milk generation was down and I felt like I am making my kiddo suffer too. SO I shifted to supplementation and I starting using the Product. To my amazement it actually worked and I was able to Breast fed my child with ease. I am still dealing with the stress but this has really helped me a lot.

by Christina on Boost Breast Milk Enhancer
Waste of money

These pills did nothing to increase my supply. Took this every day for 15 days, 6 pills a day, as suggested. Absolutely no increase in breast milk production. They were a waste of money & time.

by Ashley on Boost Breast Milk Enhancer
Perfect Treatment

I had twins. It was really a difficult situation for me to feed both of them. I was having great difficulty producing enough milk for both of them. I was ready to call it quits but I wasn't ready to admit defeat yet so I googled "how to increase milk supply" and found this product. No doubt it worked for me. It was like a blessing. My milk supply has increased and I now am able to get out 4-5oz everytime.

by Britney on Boost Breast Milk Enhancer
Helped when I was discouraged

Before I started taking this product I was only able to pump at most 3 oz in a 30 minutes session, 2 times a day at work. After taking for about a week I am now able to keep up with 4 pumping sessions (along with 3 feeding sessions with baby) where I am able to average about 4 oz each time (sometimes more).

by Jenny on Boost Breast Milk Enhancer
Didn't seem to work for me

One of my friends recommended me this product as I talked to her about my problem. My friend said this worked for her but it didn't seem to work for me. My baby also seems to spit up more during the week I used this. I don't know if it was coincidence or not.

by Ken on Boost Breast Milk Enhancer
Three stars

I received the Boost Breast Milk Enhancer promptly, I doubled my milk supply, but it still wasn't enough for storing purposes when I returned to work. Be prepared, when you make very little milk to begin with, to "redefine your success." If your body can't make a lot of milk, any bit that you do make and give your child is a great benefit. But if you are already producing much than do not buy it. Be careful!

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