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  • Natural & Safe way to get rid of Dark Circles
  • Minimizes sweeling or puffiness under eyes
  • One of the most economical non-surgical treatment
  • Moisturizes to keep skin supple and soft
  • Fast results
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Why Buy Revitol’s Eye Cream?

Dark circles, eye puffiness and saggy skin around the eyes affect the majority of women regardless of age. These conditions result from capillaries that leak blood beneath the skin’s surface forming a bag or dark discoloration which make us look tired and unwell and lower our self esteem.

If you are tired of just covering up the problem by using concealers or using short term fixes (such as compresses for example) then Revitol’s eye cream is the right product for you.

Revitol is a natural formula enriched Niacinamide (a b-complex vitamin), Bisabolol (derived from chamomile) and Chrysin which work synergistically to reduce dark pigmentation and sagginess.

  • Visibly reduces most eye skin problems. Revitol’s formula is designed to help fight eye puffiness, dark circles, sagginess and eye wrinkles.
  • Natural formula. The ingredients in Revitol’s eye cream are plant base and the formula does not contain any harsh chemicals responsible for skin irritation and damage.


The active ingredients used in Revitol eye cream are:


A water soluble Vitamin B complex that helps in retaining moisture levels in skin and stimulated blood circulation in fine capillaries just below the skin


An ingredient derived from Charmomile that is known to have anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory properties. In other words it soothes and calms skin irritations and reduces puffiness.


A bioflavonoid compound that works as a skin conditioner and an anti-oxidant. It works to reduce inflammations and helps eliminate pigmented deposits underneath the skin (dark circles).


Reduces the appearance of dark circles. It works to eliminates excess haemoglobin originated pigmentation.

Directions for Use

Apply the cream around the eye area 1-2 times daily using gentle circular movements.

Before / After Using Revitol Eye Cream




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Customer Reviews on Revitol’s Eye Cream

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Average rating:  
 21 reviews
by Della L. on
Under Eye Disaster Management

My eye area was in need of serious help and I switched many creams but was stuck with this at last, This cream actually worked and helped me get rid of the under eye dark circles. The price was reasonable and I can say that the product is very High quality.

by Susan J. on
Works For Under Eye Dark Circles adn Crows feet

I use it for the treatment of crow feet and I have seen that this cream actually works, I did try many of these gels and creams before but this one is going to be my favorite forever.

by Emanuel M. on
My Favorite

There are plenty of eye creams available in the market and To be honest I have tried the most of them, Just kidding I have been using this cream regularly and I will not use any other product. I did used one or two in the past but after I got this I have been using it ever since.

by Cindy on
Works Fine

My under eye area was in teh need of exxtreme care and I bought this cream I have been using creams in trhe recent past but none worked for me this cream was suggested to me by my friend and she told me that she used this fro more than three weeks and have had results. I thought of giving it a try as I was very concerned about finding a solution to my problem. To my amazement my under eye wrinkles are starting to disappear, not completely but I am still happy with this.

by Tracy on
Works fine

The overall effect of the cream is good. It makes my under eye area feels soft and moisturized, I used to have very dryness around my eyes and it cures that, cant say much about the wrinkle but it seems that they are also going away slowly.

by Linda on
Didnt work at all

I have been using this cream since a month now, I really didn't like the smell but still kept using it only because I though would get some results but the fact is there aren't any oh them and I am still looking for a good cream for my under eye dark circles and wrinkles.

by Caitlin on
Surprising Results

I was very sad about the dark circles around my eyes and when I started using things product I never g=had any hope whatsoever that it will lighten my under eye area. But to my surprise after a long continuous usage of three months. I am finally free from any dark circles and very happy that I chose the cream.

by Kyung on
I love with it.

The product didn't disappoint me, I mean you can really get results from using this. The puffiness around my eyes is gone and so are the wrinkles. This is a great product and it helped me a lot.

by Rebecca on
I like this cream!

I would say this cream can be used for the face its not for the eye region only. The packaging is really fancy and it is very easy to apply. The cream feels very lightweight and is non sticky. The product is great and delivery is also fast.

by Gloria on
Charming Results

The smell is a bit different from the eye creams which I have used in the past. I would say the smell is very subtle and light. The cream has a very nice cooling effect and it works like a charm. It is non sticky and my skin loves this cream.

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