Revitol Skin Brightener

Revitol Skin Brightener

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  • Natural & Safe solution for a beautiful glowing skin
  • No Harmful Ingredients like Mercury
  • Effective against sun spots, age spots, hyperpigmentation, etc
  • Keeps your skin soft & supple
  • Contains emollients, moisturizers, and skin-nourishing vitamins
5 Month Supply of Revitol Skin Brightener $199.75 —> $119.85

3 Month Supply of  Revitol Skin Brightener $119.85 —> $79.90

Revitol’s Skin Brightening Cream – Product Overview

Uneven skin tone, dull skin and age spots are a very common problem of women usually at a mature age. Although sunscreens and moisturizers can reduce the risk of these problems appearing, they can’t treat the already existing affected areas. Thus, you need a specific product to help reduce their appearance.

Revitol Skin Brightener is a natural solution packed with powerful ingredients such as Arbutin (the natural alternative of the chemical hydroquinone), Allantoin, shea butter, evening primrose oil and other herbals known for promoting a more even and bright skin tone, naturally and safely.

  • Helps reveal glowing beautiful skin. Skin brightener formula as the name suggests, is specially developed to reveal a brighter and more even toned skin.
  • Improves and lightens the appearance of dark spots, freckles, liver spots and uneven skin tone. The majority of our customers report remarkable improvement in these conditions and lighter more even toned complexion
  • Natural formula. All the ingredients of Revitol skin brightener are plant- based and safe without the use of harsh chemicals responsible for skin irritation and damage.

Directions for Use:

  • Cleanse your skin using a mild cleanser.
  • Apply 2 times a day.

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Revitol Skin Brightener
Average rating:  
 12 reviews
by Carolyn on Revitol Skin Brightener

Skin Brightening cream, It really sounds unreal, I mean How can you make your skin look more bright, Well buy this cream and you will know How. I am amazed by the results and the dark spots which I had on my face and acne marks all are gone now.

by Angela on Revitol Skin Brightener

I actually used this cream for the Pregnancy influenced Melasma on my face, But to my amazement it cured that and also made my face more bright and vibrant. I can clearly see the difference and I am a big fan of the product now.

by Sofia on Revitol Skin Brightener
Works For Everything.

This cream handles it all winter dry skin, and Summer oily ski. I have been using it for some time now and it is not only a great Brightening solution, it provides the basic moisturisation too.

by Camela on Revitol Skin Brightener
Highly Affordable Salon Formula

I never believed that a cream like this will actually make any difference I have been spending so much money on facials and beauty treatments in the salons but nothing made any difference. I started using this cream 3 months before and Now I can clearly say that this works. I am a long term user now and I will be using this in future too.

by Valerie on Revitol Skin Brightener
Gentle and effective

The cream really works but it is not a miracle formula which will make you bright in a day. You need to give the cream some time it will give you results. The spots and marks will be gone. It took me 3 weeks to notice the difference. But after that my skin improved daily.

by Janice on Revitol Skin Brightener
Great Cream

I have been using this cream for two months now and I am very happy with the results, The sun spots which I had are now gone and my face looks bright. This cream does all the good for me so that I never need makeup.

by Liana on Revitol Skin Brightener
Waste Of Money

For a few days I noticed a glow on my face but as soon as you go out your face turns to normal. Plus I had to use a moisturizer with it as it made my skin very very dry. I don't know why It didn't work for me. But I really am disappointed.

by Katherine on Revitol Skin Brightener

A very luxurious cream for its price range. Th packaging is excellent and easy to preserve. I use very small amount of the product on my face and it is enough. One jar will go along and will also give you the desired results. I am in love with this cream and will never change it with any other. This is the best.

by Mary on Revitol Skin Brightener

I have got amazing results from this cream the price is good its a fast absorbing formula and very light on skin.The best thing about this skin brightener is that it gives you results even if you use a small amount of the cream. The hydration it provides to the skin cant be matched by any other product. This is by far the best cream that I have owned.

by Alfreda on Revitol Skin Brightener
Wrong Name

Yeah the name is wrong its not a skin brightener because it does't work. I would have definitely called it a skin brightener if it really gave a brightening effect rather than just work as a moisturizer.

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3 years ago

Can revitol fed my dark spot.or can I use glutathione capsules with it.I am from Pakistan how I get this product help me

3 years ago

Hi.with revitol can I use glutathione whiting capsoules.I have so much dark spot on my face and neck.I want to get rid if it

4 years ago

This products is really good for melasma?

4 years ago

Can i use revitol cream in pregnancy on my face

4 years ago

Can any one describe the consistency of this cream ..because I ordered it online n tube I received if filled with brown colour lotion like flowy material….isn’t it supposed to be thick creamy consistency?

4 years ago

Since, I have started using this skin brightener cream, my face get nice and decent daily lotion. This cream not only make my face fair and bright but also keep my skin hydrated and nourished too.

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