Make upHaving Rosacea can make you feel self conscious but the good news is that apart from the specialized treatments, you can cover it effectively with the help of make-up techniques and certain products. It is important to consider that regular make-up steps and products are not suited for your condition and can sometimes aggravate the condition long-term. So if you are searching for special ways and products to cover your Rosacea safely and effectively then read on…

1.) Choose gentle products that may have skincare benefits. Heavy moisturizers loaded with chemicals and most anti-aging creams will probably cause irritation and you certainly don’t want that. When choosing a moisturizer, primer or make-up always read the ingredients and if there is something you don’t like don’t purchase it. Fortunately many companies nowadays have products with multiple skincare benefits so you don’t end up applying layers of multiple products and risk damaging your skin.

2.)   If you decided to use a primer, choose one that is green based. Green based primers can effectively hide pores while helping neutralize any redness you have. Some green primers also offer UVA and UVB protection which is a big plus especially in spring and summer seasons. Do not use purple or orange primers are these are suited for dull and pale complexions. Make sure you apply your primer -or any other product (e.g moisturizer)to prepare your skin with gentle stokes and avoid using sponges or washcloths as they tend to cause redness.

3.)   Use an oil-free foundation. Most Rosacea sufferers often have red pimples and need to be extra careful which products they apply on their skin to cover them. If you are using a heavy foundation with anti-aging benefits for example your skin will be unable to breath and you pores might get blocked. Depending on how intense are your symptoms choose the appropriate level of coverage-For example if your Rosacea is light a tinted moisturizer or a light foundation will do, if it’s mild choose a medium coverage foundation and maybe concealer and if it severe choose a full coverage foundation and concealer as the average foundation will probably fail to cover all the redness you may have. Some cosmetic companies offer corrective foundations for this purpose so there is no need to waste your time trying foundations in regular make-up counters.

4.)  If you are going to use a blush you need to be extra careful not to emphasize the redness of your cheeks.  To avoid this you have to choose a cool light shade (e.g.  baby pink) and obviously not a bright orange or deep burgundy red. Also apply the blush with brush that has soft bristles and gently layer until you achieve the result you want. Also, many experts recommend using  a mineral blush as they more skin friendly than expensive pressed formulations that may have harmful ingredients.

 5.)  Choose light neutral or cool based shades on your lips. If you don’t want to make your skin look even ruddier, don’t go for a bright or deep red color. Neutral shades like pale beige, light brown, light pink and light to medium purple are ideal for helping balance the redness of your face.

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Marina Andreas