For those of you who suffer with rosacea, you will know that the Summer months can be a nightmare for this chronic skin condition which affects 1 in 10 people in the UK.  Experts have proved that the warmer months can worsen symptoms of rosacea which can include; redness to the face, rashes to the skin as well as visible blood vessels.  However, help is at hand.  Below I have put together some ways that you can soothe the suffering and face the summer heat.Rosacea Summer Skincare


The summer sun can also make bouts of rosacea last longer.  The key to calming down and maintaining a little control is to cool down regularly if you are exposed to the heat.

  • Carry a cold drink around with you and drink regularly.
  • Apply a cold compress to your face to soothe the redness and decrease the temperature of your skin.
  • Suck on some ice cubes.
  • Take moments out of the sun.


Everybody should take care when exposing themselves to the sun but rosacea sufferers should take extra care as their skin is far more sensitive.  The smallest amount of time in unprotected sun exposure can cause major flare ups.

  • Use a good, strong, fragrance free SPF 30 or above.
  • Wear a hat or scarf around the head.
  • Take time out of the sun to sit under an umbrella or in the shade.


If you have an aloe vera plant the aloe directly from the plant (you just have to snap off a stem) or aloe gel is brilliant for reducing inflammation quickly.  The aloe soothes the skin and cools it down immediately. It has been regarded as “a proven miracle treatment option”. Aloe is also incredibly hydrating for the skin and rosacea sufferers will often find that alongside the redness their skin is exceptionally dry. Aloe increases the moisture as well as acting as an anti inflammatory, considerably reducing redness and irritation.


And Finally…….


Avoid things like hot peppers, salsa, chilli, red pepper, black pepper, horseradish, vinegar and mustard. In recent studies these foods were linked with triggering rosacea flare ups.





In the summer months iced drinks like lattes, smoothies, shakes  are more advisable for rosacea sufferers to drink rather than really
hot tea or coffee.  Some experts even recommend limiting caffeine intakes and to drink plenty of water.

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