rosacea concernsAre you suffering from Rosacea? If yes then the problem doesn’t end here. According to a study by researchers in Taiwan, people suffering from Rosacea are more prone to developing Dyslipidemia and Hypertension.

About the Research

Study was conducted on a total of 33553 people who suffered from Rosacea. The median age was 44. Age and genders were also identified.


Dyslipidemia, coronary artery disease and hypertension found to be were significantly associated with rosacea. Coronary artery disease remained independently associated with rosacea after adjustment for hypertension, diabetes mellitus, and dyslipidemia. Male patients with rosacea had higher risks for all comorbidities than female patients with rosacea.


Patients with rosacea are more likely to have dyslipidemia and hypertension. They are also at increased risk of coronary artery disease after adjustment for cardiovascular disease risk factors.

What are these?


Dyslipidemia is refers to an abnormal amount of lipids in the blood. Lipids include fatty acids and cholesterol e levels in the blood. In developed countries majority of distortion of lipid levels is hyperlipidemia that is an increase in the level of lipids. This abnormality may cause coronary artry disease, stroke and peripheral arterial disease.


You would already know about this, Hypertension or high blood pressure. This is also associated with various vascular and heart diseases.

What Can You Do?

  1. Regular check-up

Have blood tests for lipid levels at regular intervals and get the reports examined from your physician.


  1. Lifestyle modifications

As far as what I found, the lifestyle and dietary recommendations for soothing rosacea flare-ups match to what is needed for keeping lipid levels and blood pressure in check.

Here are some of the things you can do:

Dietary Changes:

a) Low sodium salt diet. We don’t want to add another known cause of increasing hypertension do we?

b) Vegetarian Diet. Yeah, I know easier said than done but I think the gist is to keep the intake of saturated fats and cholesterol to an acceptable level. Experts also suggest a diet rich in nuts, whole grains, fish and fruit.

c) Reducing alcohol. Alcohol is known to increase triglyceride and HDL cholesterol levels.

Exercising & Weight Loss

Exercising not only helps in weight loss and keeping your body physically fit but it is also a great stress buster. What I think is if you are devoting more time to healthy and positive things your mind actively rejects negativity such as stress. Reducing is necessary especially during the flare-ups when others look at you in that way.


** Make sure you talk to your Dietitian and Physician before choosing any course of action.

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