Dermaflage Starter KitDermaflage Starter kit from Dermaflage is one of the best concealer kit available. No need to go to expensive salons or beauticians to help with make up.

Let’s find out more about the application. Here are the steps to follow in concealing acne scars with the help of Dermaflage starter kit.

How does it really work?

Application of Dermaflage is non-complicated and involves 3 simple steps:

1. In Dermaflage starter kit you will get a primer powder. Apply this primer powder to your skin and let it dry for 30 seconds or so.

2. Then is the time to put the silicone-based Dermaflage mixture onto the surface of the scarred skin. You can both use a spatula or your fingers, whatever is comfortable, and apply smooth even strokes on the required areas of your skin. Make sure that you don’t waste any time in applying the mixture as it gets dried off pretty quickly.

3. Now pick one of the given skin texture pads, and apply a gentle pressure for up to a minute onto the scarred area. After a minute is passed, remove the pad and let the Dermaflage solution fully harden.

With Dermaflage, you don’t have to worry about carrying an artificial, milked up look. This silicone-based solution will allow your natural undertone to shine brightly and help you in creating a flawless match for your skin tone. Besides, the solution won’t ever run out or streak when worn. The application is likely to last for about 35 hours, which means once you apply it, you can easily forget about it and move on with your day. Silicone provides topical protecting filler a remarkable long-lasting effect on the skin. It is irrefutably the best solution available for someone with mild forms of scars that they wish to conceal temporarily for a particular occasion or on daily basis.

Benefits of Dermaflage scar concealment kit

A 36 hour effect: Each application of Dermaflage will last up to 36 hours. Be the scars formed due to accidents or surgeries, Dermaflage will play a vital role in hiding the scars for 36 hours straight.

Water-proof: Since it is also water-proof, it can worn even while swimming or working out, or just even when it is raining.
Smooth surface: With Dermaflage, you don’t have to worry about cracking or peeling of the skin. The solution is easy to apply, leaving a smooth and natural looking effect on the skin.

Easy to remove: Removing the applied solution is very simple. Simply look for the edge of the solution and gently pull away the filler.

Sum up!

Dermaflage is positively reviewed by the people who have bought it and used the product themselves. You cannot go wrong in concealing scars by using Dermaflage.

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