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by loney on Selevax

I got a scar on my leg. It looked very bad and took time to heal too. I came across the Senvie scar cream and tried it. Its results are fabulous. my scar is almost gone. Great product.

by Mark on Selevax
Recommended for Scars

I had stitches on my Forehead, Thsio was the resultant of falling from a bike while I was on a MKuntain Trail. I bought this cream to get rid of the ugly stitch mark. It works but very slowly. The mark which I had faded very slowly. It is still noticeable but no that ugly now. Plus the color of the skin has also improved. It was a dark stitch mark but it has lightened also.

by joseph on Selevax
stitch marks

hey my name is joseph i have a stitch marks on my face can this cream make visible the scars!

by Viral on Selevax

Yes its work good

by Shannon on Selevax

I had a scar n my forehead. It was there since my childhood and I really didn't liked it at all. So finally I decided to buy this scar cream and get rid of it. To my surprise I actually got rid of it but the main fact here is that it takes time. It took about 6 months for me and I applied the cream daily. If you want to cure any scar with a cream make sure you follow a good routine and apply your cream daily for a long period of time.

by Bernadine on Selevax

I had very bad acne scars on my face and I used a lot of scar creams and none of them worked. But this cream really worked out I saw results in the first week and I was sure to keep using it t get rid of those scars. I am reviewing this cream after three months of usage now as probably the happiest customer because my scars are now gone and That is due to this and this cream only.

by Keenan on Selevax
Fine Product

I have been using this cream on my neck burn scar and I can say that the cream is doing great. The effects of the cream can be seen and the scar which was very dark before is now a bit less visible. There is no perfume in this cream but the smell which it has is a bit awkward. But after all its a scar treatment cream so I can bare with the smell.

by Earl T. on Selevax
Good Results

My doctors told me to buy a scar cream after I underwent a Knee surgery. So I bought this cream and Have been using it for two months now. The cream is great and very easy to apply. I have seen some improvement in my scars they don't look that dense now and the appearance has also lightened. The price f this cream is a bit high but results are also good

by Kathleen on Selevax

I am in love with this cream I had acne scars under my nose and I really hated them. What did this cream did, It killed them. The scars are gone in just a week. I used a scar cream for first time in my life and I ma very happy that I did.

by Kimberly on Selevax
Works late

It takes time to start working and I really didn't liked the smell of this cream. I am not saying that it will not decrease the visibility of scars. It does that but it takes so much time. I used it for about two months and my scars are pretty much the same.

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