WorryLess Starter Kit

(10 customer reviews)


Everything you need to conceal Lines and Wrinkles:

  • Six Complexions to choose from
  • Two Undertones in each complexion kit
  • Mixing stick
  • Applicator
  • Texture Pad & Mixing Tips

✓ One application can last for 36 hours
✓ One supply of filler should last for 60 applications
✓ Non Irritating and Allergy Tested



10 reviews for WorryLess Starter Kit

  1. martha

    I was looking for a product that can cover up all my skin flaws. Those age spots and wrinkles. Well, this product works very well in that context. It covers up all the scars and looks like my own skin. It hides up all the flaws.

  2. fin

    It covers up my dark circles and other age spots. No side effects. I have a healthy skin and using this product for last 2 yrs. It’s a great product.

  3. Linia

    I got a severe mark on my forehead as I banged it while riding my bicycle. My dermatologist recommended this product to me. It’s low in Chemicals and covers the scars gently. Though it takes time but gives you the results. Satisfactory for me.

  4. Rachel

    I had a scar on the top of my nose and this product was recommended by my dermatologist. I tried it on my skin and I was shocked at how it covered my skin! I immediately ordered some more of it and had a small learning curve on how to apply. However, I just ordered 2 more tubes. Now that I have found the right color, know how to prepare that area of my face and have learned that less is better and that the 10-second rule applies to getting the Dermaflage product on my nose. The purple pad is also important. I hold it on my nose for about 1 1/2 minutes but also move my fingers around the pad while holding, like a tapping motion. You cannot tell that I have this product on my nose at all!!! Love it!!!

  5. Nan Brew

    Before I give honest review here, I would like to mention that product comes up with a good concept, but it needs improvement. No doubt, the product takes a great deal of practice and patience. Moreover, If you are unable to take the time to learn how to use it, then it will be a waste of money. The solution does what it says in regards to filling in scars. However, it does not conceal discoloration well. Trying to find a balance between covering with makeup and dermaflage is quite hard. On the other hand, This product is great in covering up recessed scars. I took a mirror outside and in the sunlight. I still cannot see the product. It looks like my real skin!

  6. sarah

    Can not use with makeup. I have tried and tried, practiced so many times. It dries way too fast, it’s so sticky…. good concept, but it needs improvement. Lots of improvement. It is just too expensive to keep ‘practicing’. I am very disappointed in this product.

  7. Sherri

    I have never ever written a review for anything I’ve purchased online. But I will do so for this for sure. I really loved this product. I had severe fine lines on my face. Then one of my friends suggested me WorryLess Starter Kit for Filling Lines & Wrinkles. I bought it online and now I can see a huge positive difference on my skin. I am so happy to look in the mirror and not see the lines! I owe my vibrant and glowing skin credit to DERMAFLAGE for bringing up such an effective product in the market.

  8. Quell

    I came across this product while searching “how to hide a scar with makeup” on YouTube. I bought it online and used for some weeks. I really loved this product! I would never let anybody inject anything into my face. This was my 1st time I trusted any product and it didn’t break. I truly believe Dermaflage is the secret behind my younger looking skin!

  9. Gorge Andrew

    Dermaflage is easy to apply and can be mastered by anyone who has used make-up. I am 51 years old. Never used Botox and don’t even want to! Too late now anyway. I never wanted to use fillers or have surgery. Thanks to Dermaflage I have a reasonable alternative!

  10. Alexandra

    Covers all dark spots and under eye dark circles. I suffer from some severe discolorations but the product works great for me. It is great for covering up age spots and dark circles. However the product is a bit on the thicker side, but still easy to apply.

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