Woman using Skin lightening creamIn a cosmetic crazy world, beauty is skin deep; it is in the complexion of a woman’s skin. For many women, a beauty regimen is almost sacrosanct, she will spend hours to painstakingly maintain and cultivate her face and body. Beauty can be bought, because it is manufactured, packaged and sold across the counter everywhere around the globe as that miracle we call a, “skin whitening cream“.

Usually skin “brightening” products and creams are designed to help eliminate dead skin cells and excessive pigmentation. Manufacturers everywhere have zeroed in on this new age phenomenon, flooding the markets with all kinds of whitening creams, bleaches, gold radiance creams and what have you. These creams are all very attractively packaged and claim to make you fair and blemish free overnight. At this juncture, it is crucial for us to understand the ingredients that are actively integrating with your skin whitening creams.

Let us look at the top ingredients.

Mercury: It is one of the most common products in a skin whitening cream. The salts in mercury help by inhibiting the production of melanin resulting in whiter skin.

Hydroquinone: A chemical that is available in prescription and cosmetic forms for skin lightening. It is an ingredient that has been around for years, in many preparations. It acts on your skin by inhibiting melanin production.

Kojic Acid: An active ingredient that has confirmed its brilliance over other whitening substances, Kojic curbs the production of the enzyme tyrosinase in the body, thereby inhibiting the formation of melanin.

Liquorice Extract: Japanese scientists have approved the compound glabridinin found in liquorice, this compound is said to absorb harmful UVA and UVB rays. Liquorice as an ingredient is beneficial to the beauty regime, it acts as a powerful and effective skin whitening element.

Mulberry: The compound from Mulberry is far superior to other ingredients such as hydroquinone and kojic acid. A small amount of mulberry is more effective when compared to larger amounts of hydroquinone and kojic acid.

Beta Arbutin: This ingredient is extracted from the bearberry leaves, cranberry, and blueberry. It prevents the production of tyrosinase in the body. Commonly used as an astringent in cosmetic products, it is known to put you on the fast track to brightened skin. Arbutin has consistently shown that it can effectively lighten blemishes, dark spots, pigmentation, freckles etc.

Vitamin A or retinol: Usually called Retinol, it boosts the skin reproduction process and gives a healthy, restored and whiter looking skin.

Vitamin B3:  This ingredient also known as Niacinamide can inhibit melanosome or pigment transfer to the skin. It acts as an efficient skin-lightening agent that aids the efficacy of skin creams. Vitamin B when applied on the skin make it feel softer, smoother and reduces the appearance of fine lines.

Vitamin C: It is a well known antioxidant used in most skin creams; Vitamin C brings down melanin production in the skin by at least 10%. It also protects your skin form the harmful effects of UV rays.

Generally whitening ingredients are added to these skin brightening creams, but not always. Before you buy a skin cream ensure you know the ingredients in the formulation of it. The outcome of your beautiful skin depends on the ingredients in the cream you are using.

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Clair has worked in Pharma industry for long. Here she is blogging about various beauty and skin care issues. When she is not blogging she is building sandcastles with her daughter or probably is just hanging out with friends.