Stretch Marks

Stretch Marks unfortunately are a beauty problem that bothers many women especially during and after pregnancy or rapid changes of body weight. As the body gets larger, the skin tends to expand/”stretch” and results in unsightly creases and marks that are hard to get rid of.

While it’s true that Stretch marks or cracked bumpy skin due to hormonal changes or pregnancy, cannot be cured but fortunately there are many treatment options that will help lessen their appearance.

Light to mild cases may respond to creams or skin rollers but if the symptoms are more intense, you may consider some more powerful options like skin lasers or surgeries performed by a plastic surgeon. If you belong in this category, it’s best to use a natural cream that will encourage the renewal of skin cells without using harmful chemicals. We recommend for these cases Revitol’s Stretch Mark cream which contains natural herbals like Aloe Vera and Grapeseed extract which nourish your skin naturally and prevent further skin damage. Another equally effective and natural product is Dermology’s Stretch Mark prevention cream which works great for preventing as well as treating existing stretch marks.

Skin lasers use a specific frequency that produces a ray of light and comes in almost direct contact with the skin. The laser burns lightly the outer thin layer of the skin in order to trigger the skin’s natural mechanisms and encourage the removal of damaged and dead skin cells as well helping repair the tissue.

On the downside, a typically a single laser session costs a few hundred dollars (from 150-400) which is quite costly and not affordable by anyone. Also you have to consider that Skin lasers are usually performed by licensed skin specialists or plastic surgeons and should not be attempted by someone who is not qualified as they are is a risk of mild or serious burns.

Some skin specialists and doctors argue that Skin lasers do not completely remove the stretch marks and leave a mild scar behind which defeats their purpose. Any scars though can be treated with a special cream that contains vitamin A or a mild chemical peel.

Another more invasive option is the removal of stretch marks with plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is often recommended when everything else has failed as it’s expensive and often risky. The good news is that successful plastic surgery can remove all of the stretch marks without leaving deep scarring.

Some other similar but not exactly surgical options include “Microdermabrasion” which involves the use of tiny crystals to get rid of dead skin cells and “Endermologie” which uses tiny needles to boost circulation and trigger  the repair of the skin  tissue.

If you are thinking to try any of these methods always make sure you choose a qualified and experienced  dermatologist or plastic surgeon and weight all the pros and cons before your make your decision- you really don’t want to end up with more problems than before.

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Marina Andreas