The question is pertinent but does not have any straightforward answer. In this article, we will understand the causes and remedies for stretch marks!

To know the answer first we have to know the stretch marks.

About Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are scars that get formed due to expansion and contraction of the skin. This condition is mainly associated with:

  • Weight gain
  • Muscle building
  • Hormonal changes
  • Hereditary
  • Pregnancy

Stretch marks are most commonly found on thighs, waist, lower back, hips, breasts and buttocks.

You may have heard about many products, herbs and procedures to get rid of stretch marks. And many similar ones for preventing the stretch marks from appearing or becoming permanent. Among these, there is the concept of Exercising. Many doctors suggest following a exercise routine to help prevent stretch marks.

Yoga for Beating Stretch Marks

Exercising of any form including Yoga can help in slowing down or preventing the formation of stretch marks at a significant speed.

Yoga aids in making changes to the body mass, which includes losing those extra inches and helps in avoiding the extraordinary weight gain especially on arms and thighs. Yoga helps in controlling weight gain and weight loss. In addition to that, yoga also helps in toning your muscles, and toned muscles prevent formation of stretch marks.

In a nutshell, yoga helps in developing a firm and glowing skin that is far less likely to develop stretch marks.

2 Key Yoga Moves for a Stretch-free Skin

1. Deep Breathing Exercise

pranayamaDeep breathing exercise also called as Pranayam often performed in yoga sessions help in improving elasticity of the skin, which aids in battling stretch marks. These breathing sessions help in improving overall blood and oxygen circulation that promotes skin repair and regeneration. Moreover, blood flow also promotes circulation of nutrients all over the body, and these nutrients are essential for the production of skin fibers, collagen and elastin.

Follow the simple steps in performing this exercise:

Sit on the floor with crossed legs, close your eyes and feel relaxed. Start breathing deeply through both nostrils with the count of 10. Hold your breath till count of 10, and release your breath with the same count. Repeat this technique for 5 minutes daily.

2. Shirshasana (Headstand)

headstand-yoga-stretchmarksShirshasana is not everyone’s cup of tea; however, if you do manage to perform this asana then you are more than likely to keep those stretch marks away. In this pose, you are literally standing on your head, blood starts flowing downwards, thereby circulating blood throughout the body.

Follow these steps in performing this exercise:

Firstly, place a mat on the floor. Then sit on the floor in kneel-down position. Now bring your hands in front of you on the mat, elbows on the floor and interlock your palms. Next is to position your head in between your interlocked palms. Now try lifting your body in the upward direction Learn to balance yourself and perform this exercise under supervision only. Once you have lifted your body thoroughly well in the vertical position, then to come down, bend your knees and curl down one leg and then the other. Just relax in the kneeled position and take some deep breaths.



Unfortunately, yoga does not prove to have medical benefits in treating stretch marks; however, it surely helps in preventing and reducing these stretch marks.

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