Older Woman Skin Care

Apart from your basic 5 step skincare routine, these additional tips are useful for maintain a youthful and glowing complexion as well as preventing future damage:

1) Prevent skin damage from the inside out. Skin aging occurs when a number of factors are combined together. Some of the root causes of aging are heredity, sun, environmental pollutants, nutrition, lack of physical activity, stress and lack of proper skincare. If your body is healthy, your skin will be healthy too. Always make sure that you consume the right foods, keep your stress levels at control (through meditation or other balancing techniques) and follow a healthy life style in general for optimal health and youthfulness that radiates from within.

2) Get a professional anti-aging facial or make your own once or twice a month. Facials are not necessary if your skin doesn’t have any issues, but they can really help your skin feel rejuvenated and look better in many ways.  Fortunately, there is a wide range of facials to choose from-some with acids such as AHA’s and Glycolic acid and some with gentle natural ingredients designed for more sensitive skin types. If your skin is not sensitive, getting a low strength chemical peel could be a great way to renew your skin-some light discomfort and peeling will probably occur but the results are really worth it. Even if you can’t afford to go to a spa or a beauty therapist you can always make your own facial at home. Cleanse your skin first, then steam for 5-10 minutes and after apply a mask from ingredients available in your kitchen.

3) Avoid extreme actions in an attempt to look more youthful. Many women unfortunately make the mistake of undergoing plastic surgeries, botox and other painful procedures to erase some years off their face. While it’s true that anti-aging cream don’t work entirely on their own, plastic surgeries often have severe side effects which are in some cases permanent (e.g scarring). Unless you have major issues, you really don’t want to risk damaging your skin and appearance-it’s both costly and dangerous. It’s  best to only keep them as a last resort, when everything else has failed to get the results you want.

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Marina Andreas