Dermaflage is a silicon-based topical treatment used to fill-in abrasions, scars, lesions, and other forms of skin imperfections.

Created by Matt Singer, a prominent Hollywood make-up artist and prosthetic specialist.

This scar concealment solution is a result of requests from many dermatologists, consumers and plastic surgeons and years of research. The primary goal for developing Dermaflage is to create a simple and easy-to-use effective tool for scar concealment.

Non-invasive, non-injected and pain-free innovation that fills and conceals recessed imperfections instantly. It is known to hide scars, deep wrinkles, mohs surgery, frown lines, chicken pox marks, C-sections, dog bites and cleft palate.

Dermaflage for Acne Scars

Dermaflage Starter Kit for Acne Scar

Dermaflage Starter Kit for concealing Acne Scars

You get scar creams, gels and peels to help you hide acne scars; however, they usually take a month to produce the desired results and they can also irritate sensitive skin since most of them are chemically based.


With Dermaflage though, the results are quicker and safer for sensitive skin.

It is a stuff that even professional artists worldwide favor and extensively use. This particular 3D silicone scar filler makeup instantly covers the acne scars, and unlike normal makeup, it stays on for 36 hours so you don’t have to worry about reapplying throughout the day.

To help you choose, Dermaflage is available in 12 different tones. Choose the right tone matching your skin tone. If you fancy concealing your acne scars and hide a flawed skin for a good time, then start using Dermaflage from now.

Dermaflage for Frown Lines & Wrinkles – WorryLess

WorryLess Starter Kit for Wrinkles & Laugh Lines

WorryLess Starter Kit for Wrinkles & Laugh Lines

Aging is an inevitable process and we all are susceptible to it. As we start growing older, wrinkles start appearing, especially the frown lines. As a form of treatment, you get wrinkle filler injections but they come along with many side effects and risks. Botox is another treatment that comes to mind. However, Botox too has multiple negative side effects and risks involved.

WorryLess from Dermaflage is the next great thing for concealing frown lines and achieving a younger-looking face.

  • It is effective, painless and inexpensive alternative to Botox and wrinkle filler injections.
  • WorryLess is a simple silicone filler to conceal frown lines and other wrinkles for up to 36 hours.
  • The results derived from WorryLess are nothing less of that derived from a surgery. For this, you don’t have to undergo any form of surgery; topical covering of silicone will do the needful.

WorryLess is an unprecedented blend of makeup and surgery, only difference being that you can hide frown lines without poking needles in your skin. With WorryLess, you are looking at affordable and risk-free alternative to wrinkle fillers, which provides instant results.

Dermaflage for Medical & Other Scars

Dermaflage Starter Kit for concealing Medical and Surgery Scars

Dermaflage Starter Kit for concealing Medical and Surgery Scars

Dermaflage is known to conceal all types of scars in a magical way. If you are still in a search of finding a cream that hides your conspicuous scars, then, look no further. Dermaflage, favored by many Hollywood celebs, is your thing. It is supposedly on the first cosmetics that look like real skin. You will be amazed to see how the cream blends with your skin tone in order to hide those scars.

Did you know that Dermaflage can cover up skin cancer scars as well?

Unfortunately, skin cancer has become epidemic now, and approximately one in five individuals develop skin cancer in their lifetimes. Most skin cancers occur on face and treatment usually involves a particular surgery that often leaves behind disgusting scars. This particular surgery is called Mohs surgery and is known to be very effective. However, this surgery can leave the patients in a state of distraught and bafflement due to its scar residue.

For instance, if you have had Mohs surgery done, chances are that your skin may have some scars left post the procedure. In such cases, even the doctors can do nothing. Although there are wax based concealers available that can take care of the discoloration of scars but they do not address the indention of a long scar and neither the divot of a deep scar. However, with Dermaflage, there is hope. Dermaflage plays a pivotal role in filling skin cancer scars and in concealing them as well. It does a miraculous job to the skin post surgery.

Interestingly, Dermaflage also works on chicken pox scars and shingles as long as the scars are indented/recessed. It is strongly recommended that you apply Dermaflage after your makeup. Dermaflage is known to work best with bare minerals after you have color corrected and thoroughly completed the makeup routine. You will not have to worry about how your makeup will look once Dermaflage is applied. Since Dermaflage is tinted translucently, all the natural undertones of your makeup will shine through the cream.

Many people even go through Shave Biopsy in order to remove moles from their skin, which often leads to formation of ugly scars. Dermaflage is certainly one amazing way to conceal those scars successfully. Of course, it is imperative to also exfoliate the area twice daily with soap and water before applying the topical silicone-based Dermaflage cream.