Why Not To Use Hair Removing Creams

Planning to buy a hair removing cream? Be careful, a five-minute treatment can ruin your whole summer!

Hair removing creams also known as depilatories are fairly caustic to the skin. These include certain chemicals which are so strong that can even burn the skin. Though they may be FDA approved, still many dermatologist advice not to use these creams, especially those with hypersensitive skin.

How do hair removing creams work?

Basic functioning of these creams depends on chemicals like calcium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide which plays a vital role in dissolving hair. These chemicals denature the proteins present in the skin. Hence, this breakdown of the protein structure forces the hair follicle to loosen out of the hair shaft easily when you rub the skin.

It is easy to use at home and a painless method to remove your hair. But before you plan to buy these creams, you need to know its drawbacks also.

What are the drawbacks of using hair removing creams?

Most of the products themselves provide a warning label explaining that side effects of using the cream could include allergic reactions, discomfort, and irritation. But there are much more which no one ever tells you. So as not to leave you guys in suspense, we’re about to see what they are…


1. Hair removing creams make your skin rough

Many hair removing creams claims to turn your skin into fresh and smooth after using the cream. And, if you believe  them for they give smoothness your skin, then better keep in mind that it stays for only 3 -5 days. After that, it comes back to its original form. Rather than being smooth it becomes more tanned, rough and hard.


2. Hair removing creams can burn your skin

The cream is made for the purpose of burning the hairs but can burn the skin too. Make sure you follow the instructions carefully; these creams usually burn your skin if you leave it on for long. You mustn’t exceed the maximum number of minutes that you should leave the cream on.


3. Hair removing creams have more side effects on sensitive skin

The potentially big problem associated with hair removal creams is to deal with sensitive skin. People who have a sensitive/ hypersensitive skin, irritation can show up immediately in the form of red, raw skin, or can take a few days. In some cases, the skin can start to crust and ooze also.


4. Hair removing creams can darken your skin

Actually, these hair removing creams use some harsh ingredients to break down the hair strands. This process can leave skin stained slightly. However, the discoloration of the skin is an after-effect of the chemical process and will sit primarily on the top layer of the dermis. Hence, it results in skin darkening over time.


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5. Hair removing creams result in quick re-growth

Hair removing creams do not work for killing the roots of the hair as of wax. It just cuts off your hair from the skin. So there are more chances to get them back in short duration and becomes difficult for its users to maintain a hair free skin. Most depilatory creams can keep hair re-growth at bay for as long as 7 days, not more than that.


6. Hair removing creams result in thick harder hair

There are high chances that the new hair strand will be thicker than the earlier one. Even the more often you remove body hair, the thicker it will get. The reason behind this is, the harmful chemicals used in the creams penetrate deep into the skin and change the structure of DNA cells which results in thicker hair.


7. Hair removing creams increases volume of  hair growth

On a next use, you’ll notice that your hair grows more and a bit longer than what it used to be, though. However, there is no evidence how it does so, but it is one of the minor issues reported by its users.


Bottom Line

The process of removing hair with depilatory creams is a bit risky. Still, if you have already planned to use one, don’t forget to do a patch test to ensure that you don’t suffer from any skin irritation. Of course, not all creams are created equal, some may suit your skin and some may not. Be cautious for what you buy.
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