Ladies are constantly in battle with the unwanted hair growth to have a smooth and glowing skin. They are ready to go through painful tweezing, waxing, plucking, shaving and threading to get rid of embarrassing facial and body hair. But these little minions keep showing up even after so many trails and tests skin has to suffer. A permanent hair removal solution would be a great relief to these unwanted hair problems and this article will explore into the possibilities of such a treatment and ways to achieve it.

Is Permanent Hair possible?

The first question that arises when talking about permanent hair removal is that whether there is really a treatment that can make hair disappear once and forever. The answer to this question still remains a mystery.

While regular hair removal activities like waxing and shaving remove hair temporarily, laser and electrolysis treatments have been long hailed as permanent hair removal treatments. The truth is that only electrolysis has been approved as a permanent hair removal by the FDA and laser treatments are effective permanent hair reduction therapies. Both laser and electrolysis require 5 -6 sessions to have visible effects and laser techniques require a regular touch up treatments every half year.

Electrolysis has been the only approved permanent hair removal technique so far. But even some electrolysis users have reported re-growth of hair. Besides these modern techniques, Ayurveda and pumice stones are also known to have permanent hair removal properties. Regular tweezing and waxing have also noted to have reduced the amount of hair over time. So it seems quite possible to have a permanent hair removal.

How does it work?

Most of the permanent hair removal treatments work by damaging the hair follicle to the point where it can no longer grow hair. Hair follicles can suffer huge damage via repeated plucking of hair from the root.

Laser and pulsed light treatments damage the root using light beams and works best for people with light skin and dark hair as it uses melanin pigments to identify the hair follicle cells. May cause swelling and bumps but is considered quite safe.

During electrolysis, a needle is inserted into each hair follicle and the root is destroyed using electricity. The common side effects include scarring, swelling and redness which may disappear eventually.


Products and ways to achieve permanent hair removal

Permanent Hair Removal Methods

1. Professional electrolysis sessions

A required amount if electrolysis sessions (usually every 1-2 weeks) can be done by trained experts for complete hair removal.

2. Salon laser treatments

Laser treatment done by a technician at salons using laser or intense pulsed light can give lasting results. This takes about 5-6 sittings and a regular touch up for preventing re-growth of hair.

3. Use at home laser hair removal products

There are several FDA approved use at home laser products for hair removal from companies like Tria, Remington and Bellalite that seem to be giving good results.

4. Epilators

Epilators can remove hair from the root and can be used instead of shaving. Hair re-growth takes about 3 – 5 weeks.

5. Creams

Some beauty creams and hair removal creams are introduced by top brands claiming permanent hair removal on regular usage.

6. Hormone treatments

Hormonal imbalance may be the cause of unwanted hair growth and hence prescription medicines and hormone tablets may help in reducing hair growth permanently.

7. Ayurvedic treatments

Ayurvedic medicines like Thanaka, Safflower oil and turmeric are said to have permanent hair removal properties.

8.Pumice stone

Regular usage of pumice stone by rubbing it on the skin is believed to have permanent hair reduction abilities.

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