Pregnancy and Stretch marks go hand in hand

Stretch marks are totally normal and natural after pregnancy. Furthermore, you probably won’t find even a single woman who didn’t struggle with stretch marks. Most commonly you have them on your stomach area, thighs, or even the upper arms. Also, these lines in the skin can be quite deep and are often very hard to get rid of.

Honestly, I just couldn’t accept having them for the rest of my life, so decided to do something for it. After searching a lot and consulting my doctor, I got plenty of suggestions to remove these marks. But then I decided to go natural! Instead of buying some lotions and potions I used some home remedies to lighten the scars of my stretch marks. This worked for me and had incredible results clearly visible after only four weeks.

Here I’ve rounded up 5 of the most promising stretch mark removal DIY tricks which I tried for myself. So read on to find what are these natural ingredients that can reduce the appearance of your stretch marks.

1.) Try Honey over the stretch marks

honey-for-wrinklesOne simple treatment to get rid of these pregnancy stretch marks is to apply honey to the skin. It is the best natural moisturizer which is easily available and easy to slather. Honey is used in a number of body scrubs, face masks, and creams to exfoliate skin and remove dead skin cells.

You can apply honey directly over the stretch marks with cotton and wash it off after it settles down. Most of the ladies even use the mixture of honey and salt as a scrub to treat extremely dry skin, a condition that causes darkening of the skin.

2.) Prepare your own stretch mark cream

You can make our own stretch mark cream at home using some basic ingredients available in your kitchen.

For this, you will require some essential ingredients like Shea butter, Coconut oil, Cocoa butter, Rosehip oil, and Almond oil. Take a container and melt coconut oil, shea butter and cocoa butter in it at low flame. Then add Rosehip oil and almond oil to it.

Let it cool for some time, suitable for skin temperature. Now apply the cream over the affected area twice a day.

3.) Drink Lemon Juice regularly

Many citrus fruits such as lemon contain vitamin C and are best source of Hyaluronic acid. Foods rich in Hyaluronic acid not only improves the quality of the skin but also helps repair skin cells.

Rubbing lemon juice on the skin or drinking lemon juice in form of beverages regularly will help lighten the color of stretch marks because it adds moisture to the skin.

You can also add some sugar to this and scrub it over the stretch marks. This natural acidic fruit is overall beneficial to treat skin problems as it promotes re-growth of the skin cells.

4.) Eat a Royal diet

By royal I mean, include whole foods like pastured meat, poultry, organ meats, and eggs in your diet.

Not just these, you need to have some minerals and vitamins as well in your daily diet.

For this, you can add spinach, nuts, avocados, olive oil, seafood, and red palm oil to your meal. Indeed, a healthy diet is essential for a vibrant skin.

5.) Scrub Stretch marks with Coffee Grinds

Coffee GroundsMix some coffee grinds with olive oil and prepare a paste. Now massage this paste into the problematic section of your skin for about 5 minutes. Do this about 3 times a week and soon you will notice a significant positive difference in your stretch marks.

You can also add Gotu Kola extract to the paste as it has been clinically proven to be the best ingredient for reducing the appearance of stretch marks.


Bottom Line

Since the “best” treatment for a person will depend on their unique skin type and depth of stretch marks, my list was created in no particular order. I just provided detailed information about some top remedies that can help you remove these scars. So now you can try them out and make a correct decision about the best treatment for your skin type.

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M.J is a beauty & health blogger. She is a down-to-earth personality. In addition to writing, she is working with several women’s training programs geared towards female empowerment and strength.