Stretch marks are skin scars that result due to the rapid stretching of the skin. Stretch marks may appear as red, pink or purple streaks and appear indented. They usually occur around the stomach, hips, upper arms, shoulders and breasts. They may be caused due to rapid weight gain, pregnancy, cortisone medications, hormonal imbalance or certain diseases like Cushing’s syndrome.

Can stretch marks go away naturally – by themselves?

Stretch marks usually start out as red or brown striations and appear glossy. They have a distinct texture differing from normal skin and are usually caused as a natural side effect of puberty, pregnancy and even weight lifting. These marks are not infectious like acne and are completely painless and harmless. Over time, stretch marks fade to whitish colored scar and become less noticeable with time. The condition is only skin deep and hence easily reversible. According to University of Maryland medical center, they may disappear completely when the cause of skin stretching goes away.

Natural ways to make them fade and go away faster

Though these benign marks mean no harm they are not usually considered to be beauty marks and people spend a lot of time and money to make them fade away. So if you really want to help your skin go back to a smooth scar free texture faster, you can try out some natural ways to reduce stretch marks. Some of those natural ways are listed down.

  • Drink plenty of water. Keeping your skin hydrated is the best way to fight the loosing elasticity of your skin.
  • Several natural oils have been proved effective against skin scars. Lavender oil, rose oil, olive oil, myrrh oil, chamomile oil are some of those magic oils to name.
  • Egg whites are a great way to supply protein to the affected area. Rub egg whites thrice a day to get visible results.
  • Juices: Potato juice, lemon juices also seem to work wonders on your scarred skin.
  • Shea butter and cocoa butter moisturize your sin and help in erasing the lines on your skin.
  • Aloe Vera gel is also effective in clearing stretch marks besides treating sun burns.

Creams and lotions

Moisturizing lotions are the most commonly used cosmetics that produce significant improvement in skin elasticity and appearance. Using lotions greatly reduces and prevents the appearance of new stretch marks. The winning ingredients of moisturizers usually include germ oil, Aloe Vera and olive oil.  The market is abundant with numerous creams and lotions claiming to remove stretch marks permanently. But most of these creams turn out to be unsafe during pregnancy and are not very effective on old marks. Some of the commonly used creams are listed down

  • Retinoic acid creams are quite effective in smoothing out new marks but have not been proved to be safe during pregnancy.
  • Lextrin contains essential oils and vitamin E that reduce the appearance of stretch mark. Thuja Occidentalis one of its active ingredients is not considered safe for pregnant ladies.
  • Glycolic acid improves collagen production and is safe for use during pregnancy. Exposure of the sun may have side effects on the treatment
  • Gels having hyaluronic acid and onion extracts also help in treating new stretch marks.

Prevention or Cure?

There is no magic cure for treating stretch marks overnight and all the treatments available focus on fading the marks over time and that takes time. Prevention is the best option available as it is much easier than treatment. Balanced diet, controlled weight gain, exercise, healthy habits and lifestyle along with sound sleeping are some common preventive measures that you can easily undertake for a scar free beautiful skin.



Well.. NO We cant just wish them away and atleast not in the time frame we want. So taking precautions especially from the start of pregnancy (most common cuase) may help, but cannot completely prevent. There are various ways and creams to reduce them. You can find some here but I would like to know from your experience. What do you think? How did you get rid of them or are planning to do so.

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