You read it right you are beautiful , following a few or just five basic tips is going to make sure that your face skin and body exudes a sense of health and radiance for the whole day. You don’t have to rely on makeup however following the regimen you have selected once needs to be followed without fail. A glowing skin is not just a forte of the rich and famous, people from all walks of life are able to maintain a flawless smooth skin provided they can adhere to the below mentioned easy to follow tips to look gorgeous throughout their life.

1. Exfoliating the skin is essential

Leaving dead cells on the skin is going to invite bacteria and microbes to give rise to various skin problems that need clinical intervention. Take out five minutes every alternate day from your daily regimen to exfoliate your skin with a good quality scrubber and lotion. Don’t just focus on the face maximum dead cells on the skin are found under the feet. Remove dead cells via exfoliation from the whole body since this will give way for new skin cells and a glowing smooth new skin.

2. Wearing a sunscreen is not a fashion it is a necessity

You need to put on a sunscreen if you are really serious about your skin. Sunscreen needs to be applied to all body parts that are exposed to the sun. For the eyes you always have an option of wearing shades that will protect your eyes and the area around the eyes from the uv rays of the skin. Whenever venturing out of the house even for small errands make it a practice to wear a good quality sunscreen with SPF more than 30. You don’t need to go in for very high SPF since the basic function of protecting the skin is well managed by a sunscreen having a moderate SPF.

3. Products that help you retain your glow are essential

Every person’s skin has a different demand for nutrients and creams. Keep testing till you find the right kinds of night creams, day creams, moisturizers, sunscreens, anti aging creams, skin lightening cream that you are comfortable with. Your comfort level depends upon various things – your budget, make of the skin, availability of the products in your area, suitability of the products on your skin. Caring for skin does not require a spa treatment it just requires bit of information and some good products that make sure your skin is pampered.

4. Cleaning makeup at night is as important as taking a bath

Tired after a big day at work or back from a party we tend to sleep with our makeup on. This is not a mistake it is a blunder since sleeping with the makeup on is going to expedite aging on your skin. The skin is going to sag, dark spots around eyes will be common, acne and other skin ailments will set in. Make it a habit just like brushing teeth and bathing to remove makeup before going to bed. While removing makeup do not scrub it dry. Remove it with moist cotton followed by the application of a moisturizer.

5. A well balanced diet and good sleep is the base for a Gorgeous You

Diet, exercise and rest are three ingredients that need to be there if you want a gorgeous skin for yourself. Stay away from too much fats and rely on green vegetables and fruits. Exercise regularly to provide a good blood flow to your skin which will make sure the replacement of dead cells with new cells. An eight hour sleep is essential to look refreshed and retain the moisture and glow of your skin and face.

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