Believe it or not, everybody has pores.

Skin PoresPores are small openings on the skin. The skin covers the body, so that’s how many pores a person has all over. Each hair follicle protrudes from a pore. Pores allow sweat to pass, this in turn keeps the body cool and heat is regulated.

Pores do not necessarily just appear. They are already there. They can, however, appear larger and more visible. There are many causes that can lead to pore enlargement. These include aging, genetics and poor skin care habits. The first two factors cannot be controlled, however, the last one can be and it could also make a lot of difference. However, a dermatologist can also provide input and point you to the right skin care routine to help battle large pores.

Beware of the Sun

You have to be careful of the sun and its effects on the skin. Sun damage may cause premature aging and can also darken the skin. Dark skin may make pores appear larger than they normally are and will give the appearance that the skin is sagging. But all is not lost. Skin can still be protected with SPF. Choose the right SPF for your skin type and apply regularly even on dark, cloudy days. The sun may be out but the harmful rays are still in action. A good SPF will prevent sun damage and hyper-pigmentation of the skin. Choose one that is also waterproof and be sure to reapply.

Use That Toner

Toner is there for a reason.

Toners smoothen the skin and also tighten pores. With continued use, a toner will be able to firm up the skin and also brighten the complexion. Not only do some toners provide good benefits to the skin, they are also a way to restore the skin’s natural balance. Toners with witch hazel prevent acne breakouts. Other specially formulated toners help to brighten the skin and contribute antioxidants that penetrate the skin’s surface deeper than just a cleanser. Toners also prepare the skin for faster moisturizer absorption.

Don’t take toners for granted, ask an expert for the right one for your skin type. If you have sensitive skin, you will be recommended a gentle formula.

Exfoliate Regularly

Exfoliating helps to get rid of deep-seated dirt from your skin’s surface. Using a gentle facials scrub will be able to help address the issue. Exfoliating will be able to introduce a new skin layer and make it firmer with each massage.

It’s not so much as whether or not a person has pores. It is knowing what to do about enlarged pores that makes all the difference.

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