Coffee grounds can also be a very powerful tool to fight off cellulite. Studies suggest that the caffeine found in coffee grounds can increase blood circulation and prevent fluid retention which often causes health and skin problems such as cellulite. You have probably noticed that a lot of products contain caffeine but there is no reason to buy expensive creams and lotions with caffeine when you have coffee grounds at home.

Apart from their high-caffeine content, coffee ground’s shape allows them to have a mild exfoliating action which removes dead skin cells and smoothens skin’s appearance safer and less abrasively than other granules (Such as white sugar or coarse salt for example) .

How to use coffee grounds for cellulite

  • Make a paste with half a cup of coffee grounds along with a few tablespoons of olive oil or warm water.
  • During bath time or shower, take the paste and start massaging your skin in upward circular motions. Concentrate more on the areas that are most affected from cellulite such as thighs and butt for a few minutes.
  • Some cellulite experts recommend to warm up a little the coffee grounds in order  to release the caffeine but it’s best to avoid heating them too much.
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