Cellulite is a beauty problem that bothers millions of women worldwide and sadly, it’s something very hard to get rid of. Creams, exercise and a healthy diet when used in conjunction can help in the long run but how about hiding the problem “Now”? If you want to know effective ways to hide your cellulite, then read on the rest of the article…

Hide Your Cellulite

1.) To temporary improve the appearance of cellulite here is a tip that Brazilian girls use to make their skin taught and smoother: they either use coffee grounds mixed with a few drops of water to form a paste and massage their skin in circular motion. You can also leave the paste on your skin for 15 minutes for even better results. Massaging with caffeine based paste or sand will increase blood circulation in the area and temporary decrease the appearance of cellulite. You can also buy a caffeine based gel or cream and apply in the area but there is no need if you don’t have enough money or want to apply caffeine straight from the source

2.) Apply a good self tanner a few days before exposing the area. Self tanner temporarily darkens the area making your legs looks slimmer and smoother. However be careful not to purchase a cheap self tanner that will make your legs look bright orange and fake-Always choose a light to medium strength self tanner to avoid dark unnatural patches (unless your skin is naturally very dark).

The best way to apply a self tanner is by using a sponge distributing it evenly on the legs and let it dry for about 15 minutes (sometimes it takes mor etime but that depends on the strength and brand so always read the instructions.). In case you made a mistake taking a warm bath with milk or scrubbing the area will help make the mistake less noticeable. Otherwise you have to wait for a few days for the fake tan to fade on its own before hitting the beach.

3.) Exercise. Exercising just a day or two before revealing your body probably won’t help but if you start at least a week before the results will be faster than following a healthy diet or applying a cellulite cream. The most ideal exercises for this purpose are leg lifts, leg squats and even biking. These exercises will help lift and tone your skin making it appear tighter and smoother. Always ensure you drink plenty of water before and after exercise to replace the lost liquids that your body (and skin) needs.

4.) Wear dark pants or skirt to cover the cellulite affected area. Dark garments (Black, Navy Blue, Dark green, Purple) make an interesting contrast in most skin tones and make you look slimmer decreasing the appearance of cellulite dimples. So if you really want to hide the problem you should wear dark opaque cover-ups and avoid white or too light colors that are almost see-through as these tend to highlight any imperfection you  might have.

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Marina Andreas