Kohl for beautiful eyes

If you’re getting dressed for a party your basic essential makeup tool would be KOHL … Right?

Kohl/kajal is something that adds a spark in the beauty of women’s eyes. To get a classic cat’s eye look, outline your eyelid with a eyeliner. For a freshness and stress free eyes choose eye kohl. Yes, you got it right! They both are different. Eyeliner is a pencil or in liquid form, gives your eyes a charm with long lasting effect; on the other hand eye kohl being in pure organic form does not give a smudge proof assurance.

Eye kohl is one of the oldest fashion accessories found in every woman’s vanity. It is ethnic and followed by every tradition.

Let your eyes speak

When you put on a kajal, you bid for a new smoky look, to be in the spotlight. Your dazzling eyes build up a confidence in you to fight against pickles of your life. Beyond shadow of any doubt Kohl serves your eyes with a glamorous look. And you all agree with this, Right? Yes After all, beautiful women with beautiful eyes are loveable by all.


The Trend

In today’s era, Women would not get out even a single step from their home without wearing kajal. I must say that for a perfect stunning look, eye kohl is a vital cosmetic. Not just black but many more colours are in trend now. Matching with your dress, you can make a commendable choice.

Now a day’s men also are following the same lead, to look more dashing they too put on kajals. Yes, Why not? Every being deserves to have a unique charm. Apart from dazzling eyelooks, we have many other benefits of kajal.

Why it is worth to use kajal

Keeps eyes healthy: The organic and natural soot we use in form of kajal has refreshing, astringents and disinfectant properties. It moisturises the eyes and evacuate tear fluid faster.

Improves vision: While applying kajal, the underside of the eyeballs gets a massage, which improves the blood circulation of eyes and hence, improves eye sight.

Protection from UV rays: Kajal protects the eyes from sharp rays of sun.


All that glitters is not gold: Not every kajal is good

Homemade kajals are best to use, though they smudge but still they are worth to use. They don’t carry any expiry date, or any side effect. They are 100% organic made from soot and ghee; free from chemicals. It washes away all the impurities from your eye. There may be a burning sensation in the eyes but it just means that the impurities in your eyes are being worked upon, and watery eyes rinse away the impurities. But the commercially produced eyeliners possess different properties, they are not 100% organic nor they soothe the eye, but are smudge proof. Instead of making the eyes healthy, they harm the eyes causing irritations.


Types of kajals available in the market:

1. Natural and Organic:

These are made from organic/natural ingredients. They do not contain any lead, waxes, powder etc and are safe to use. They are prepared from the soot of plant extract/ wood or it can be a cloth. The pitch black colour of charcoal used in it gives you a unique charm.

2. Chemical:

The kohls which are prepared in labs using chemicals, fall under this category. They are not good for eyes; still people use them to get a better stunning look. They do not smudge and are waterproof because of the talc power used in it. They use synthetic colors instead of soot which completely harm the sensitive eyes; resulting reddish eyes.

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