Psoriasis Relief
Psoriasis is a skin condition characterized by increased skin cell turn over which often results in unwanted thickened and red scales. If you suffer from psoriasis, below are some effective ways to treat psoriasis scales on a regular basis.

1.) Use a product that has 2% salicylic acid. Salicylic acid is widely used in many products due to its ability to remove dead skin layers and show a new and healthier complexion. However, it’s best to start with low strength formulas to avoid the risk of further irritation and skin damage especially if your skin tends to be very sensitive.

2.) Moisturize. Moisturizing is a vital step daily for lubricating the affected areas and calming down the redness of psoriasis lesions.  Using a rich moisturizer can help seal in the moisture and make skin heal faster. For best results, experts recommend to moisturize after bath/shower time when skin pores are more open and after washing with moisturizing cleansers. Also it’s best to use fragrance free formulations that don’t irritate the skin.

3.) Bath solutions. Regular bath solutions using calming essential oils (e.g. chamomile) epsom salts and moisturizing products are very useful for removing psoriasis scales and calm irritation. Ideally, you can soak in a bath filled with lukewarm water for up to twenty minutes, pad your skin with a soft towel and use your favorite moisturizing body lotion giving emphasis in affected areas.

4.) Look for ingredients that help soothe the skin and encourage healing. Some ingredients for treating psoriasis scales are: aloe vera, zinc, calamine, azulene, capsacain (from peppers) and other natural or chemical ingredients may be useful for treating psoriasis scales but effectiveness depends on how severe your condition is and how your skin reacts to a certain ingredients. Even natural ingredients can cause irritation to some people so always test a small area first before using a product in the affected areas.

5.) Use Coal Tar. Coal tar is an FDA approved ingredient derived from wood and coal and helps treat psoriasis scales by slowing down excessive skin growth and encouraging healing. Coal tar strength varies from brand to brand. If you haven’t used a Coal Tar product before, test a small area first because it may cause irritation in some people.

6.) Do not scrub too vigorously or try to shed scales on your own. Many people in an attempt to get rid of unwanted psoriasis scales scrub the skin too vigorously or use their hands to peel the affected layers but this in reality aggravates the condition even further. If you are gentle on your skin, you’ll have better results than treating it with harsh mechanical methods.


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Marina Andreas