8 natural anti-wrinkle remedies
Sure, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, and to confirm this thought, we have Charles Darwin stating, “It is certainly not true that there is in the mind of man any universal standard of beauty with respect to the human body”. However, with the help of several cosmetics companies we have come to the understanding that beauty is to do with looking young, and using their cosmetic brands is indeed the best way to stop aging.

Whom are we kidding, really! Aging is a natural process and is surely inevitable for men and women living in all corners of the world. You cannot fight aging; however, following a good skin care regime on daily basis can help your skin to not show signs of premature aging.

Following a disciplined skin care regime by using herbal remedies can do wonders to your skin, and it’s all proven that they have anti-aging properties!


cucumbers-for-wrinklesCucumbers are known to be the best foods for healthy skin, and are the 4th most cultivated vegetable. Cucumbers are rich in mineral silica, magnesium, vitamin C and potassium.  which is vital for healthy connective tissues.

Cucumbers stimulate body’s detoxification process, and thereby giving a healthy glow to the skin. They do a brilliant job in reducing dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. It’s the ascorbic acid and caffeic acid in the cucumber that prevents water retention in the skin. This is exactly how it reduces the swelling caused under the eyes and leading to dark circles. In addition, cucumbers also help the skin to combat sunrays and inflammation. Either you eat these cucumbers, juice it, or place the cucumber on the exact place where there is water retention you will get the desired result.


lemons-vitaminc-for-wrinklesLemons too are fantastic herbal remedies for preventing premature signs of ageing. It’s the Vitamin C in lemons that work as a strong antioxidant. Moreover, the bleaching action of these lemons also plays a pivotal role in fixing age spots and freckles.

If you want to see some remarkable results on your facial skin then you got to squeeze the juice out a fresh yellowy lemon, apply the juice on your skin and leave it for at least 10 minutes, and do practice this on daily basis to see good results.


papaya-for-wrinklesPapaya is super loaded with Vitamin A, which is the reason for its strong antioxidant properties. Besides the vitamin, there is an enzyme called papain found in papaya.

Papain is profoundly significant for digesting the dead cells on the surface of the skin and makes the skin look more elastic and firm.

You are definitely more likely to have a tighter and healthy looking skin.



avocado-wrinklesAvocados are undoubtedly one of the best anti-aging foods that keep the skin free from wrinkles and other signs of premature ageing. There is something known as D-manno-heptulose sugar present in avocados that help in stimulating collagen production in the skin. Collagen formation directly results into improvement of elasticity of the skin, making the skin look firm and young.

Besides, avocados also contain particular amino acids and carotenoid anti-oxidants that play a pivotal role in dramatically reducing age spots and in soothing skin inflammation.



honey-for-wrinklesHoney has been well-known since ages for its beauty related benefits, and is a fantastic herbal anti-aging remedy. Honey has a powerful enzyme called glucose oxidase, which when mixed with water becomes hydrogen peroxide. In addition, honey is also rich in antioxidants and flavonoids that perform antibacterial roles.

For moisturizing of the skin, look no further since honey is the greatest natural moisturizer especially for dry skin. It retains and rebuilds the levels of moisture in the skin without making the skin oily. Furthermore, honey has amazing calming effects on the skin, and due to its gentle nature it is also suitable for sensitive skin type.



bananas-for-wrinklesBananas carry a wonderful reputation for fighting wrinkles and acne effectively. Some men and women know what is right, and use banana masks 3 times a week for acquiring desired results. Bananas are heavily nourishing and contain massive amounts of magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc, iodine and vitamins A, B, E and F. All these ingredients rejuvenate the skin and keep wrinkles and acne at bay.

Bananas have magical anti-aging effects on all types of skin. This is how you make a banana mask:

You need mash the banana until they turn creamy, apply the mixture on face and leave it there for 15-20 minutes. Rinse it with warm water. Do this often for effective results.



potatoes-for-wrinklesAll you need to do is place two slices of even cut potatoes on your eyes for 10-15 minutes, and get rid of crow’s feet and eye wrinkles. Potatoes are a natural herbal skin care remedy that is non-messy and effective. It carries exclusive anti-aging properties that keeps premature signs of aging at an arm’s length.

In order to remove blemish marks and dark pigments, it is a good idea to rub potato slices over the concerned areas.


Coconut oil

coconut-oil-for-wrinklesCoconut oil offers great solutions to treating wrinkles, fine lines and saggy looking skin. All you need to do is massage coconut oil on your face before going to bed, and this will help you in reducing facial wrinkles and improve tightening of skin. Much research too highlights that coconut oil minimizes wrinkles by stimulating collagen production and replacement.

Coconut oil is full of anti-oxidant Vitamin E, known to help reduce signs of ageing. It also works as a natural sunscreen; you can protect your skin from harmful UV rays by applying coconut oil every time you step outside.

Takeaway thoughts

Herbal remedies for anti-aging skin care will miraculously help you look young and fresh. Cosmetic companies often ask you to buy products that contain harmful chemicals, causing skin irritation and other types of skin disorders. With herbal remedies, you can be sure of its worth since it is directly arrived from nature.

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Marina Andreas