Vegetables: Can they Prevent Wrinkles?


Yes my mother used to say this but I did doubt it. Well I have doubted many things since Santa myth broke on me 🙁


But we may finally have proof that Veggies or rather vegetable extracts help in improving collagen levels in our skin. Well this is simplification of the study recently published on Nutrition Research


Skin aging appears to be principally attributed to a decrease in type I collagen level and the regeneration ability of dermal fibroblasts. We hypothesized that vegetable peptones promote cell proliferation and production of type I collagen in human dermal fibroblasts. Therefore, we investigated the effects of vegetable peptones on cell proliferation and type I collagen production and their possible mechanisms in human dermal fibroblasts. Vegetable peptones significantly promoted cell proliferation in a concentration-dependent manner. In addition, the human luciferase type I collagen α2 (COL1A2) promoter and type I procollagen synthesis assays showed that the vegetable peptones induced type I procollagen production by activating the COL1A2 promoter. Additionally, the vegetable peptones activated p90 ribosomal s6 kinase (RSK), which was mediated by activating the Raf-p44/42 MAPK (ERK) signaling pathway. In addition, the vegetable peptone-induced increase in cell proliferation and type I collagen production decreased upon treatment with the ERK inhibitor PD98059. Taken together, these findings suggest that increased proliferation of human dermal fibroblasts and enhanced production of type I collagen by vegetable peptones occur primarily by inducing the RSK-CCAAT/enhancer binding protein-β phosphorylation pathway, which is mediated by activating Raf-ERK signaling.



Yes I also didn’t get most of it. But I think we have two take-aways from this study which we can safely follow (*Guys I am not taking any guarantees)

  1. Nutrients from some vegetables stimulate the production of collagen. Collagen as we know affects skin elasticity and lack of which is one of the major reasons behind Wrinkles. So green veggies can help us keep those wrinkles away for much longer time.


  1. Eat more of green vegetables and I believe cooking them too much burns the natural ingredients.

What it doesnt mean: Preferring veggie burger over the regular one will benefit you. 😀


And even if all of this is some bs then too we improve our health by eating healthy foods and I still will have my favourite Anti-wrinkle collagen cream So win win situation. Like it. 🙂

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