Back Hair RemovalBody hair is not something that bothers only women- men and especially those in the sport and fitness industry are also struggling to remove their hair in various regions like tummy and back which can look embarrassing when hairy.In this article here we will discuss the main methods for removing hair in the back fast and effectively along with some useful tips you need to know for better results.

The method you are going to use depends mainly on how intense your hair growth is. If you have just a little hair with a light color (also known as peach fuzz) there is no need to depilate or epilate but you can remove hair with a special depilatory cream or electric shaver/trimmer. Electric shavers and trimmers can also be used by men who don’t want to get rid of all their hair.

In case your hair is naturally darker and thicker (but not too much) it’s best to use an “epilation” method-in other words it is recommended to use a method that will remove the hair from the root and not just the outer visible part. The most common option for such cases is waxing. Waxing will remove most of the hair from the root but it’s quite painful and can cause irritation- to avoid this you can use an ice-cube just a few minutes before hair removal and after apply a calming lotion (like calamine) to soothe irritation. Of course you will need the help of your girlfriend or a friend to do this as it’s extremely hard to do your back yourself without leaving hair behind.

Fortunately soy waxes are now available which adhere to the hair and not to the skin causing less pain and irritation but you can’t find them yet everywhere-some salons still use old fashioned waxes so it’s best to ask what type do they use before making your decision.

So, if you decided to use this method have in mind that results last from 2 to 6 weeks.

For more hairy and embarrassing cases, there is the option of Laser or Photohermolysis- both use ray light to “burn” the hair root until it’s dead and no longer grows-Laser is stronger and recommended for more intense cases while Photothermolysis is recommended for milder cases and sensitive skin types.  However, you have to save big as each session typically costs a few hundred dollars (200-400) and you’ll probably need more than just 2-3 sessions to get rid of your hair entirely. If you compare it though to years of spending money on shavers, creams and waxing it is still a cheaper and more effective option because the results are permanent.

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Marina Andreas