DIY Home Electrolysis Kits

The science of electrolysis is, it destroys the growth center of the hair with heat. Then, the hair is easily removed with the help of tweezers. As you might know, a hair removal treatment at any salon can last for as many 10 sessions, depending on how thick your hair is. Besides, most electrologists will charge between $50 and $100 an hour, which is where things start becoming costlier and overwhelming. That is why, most people are opting for a DIY home electrolysis kit for hair removal.

How do they work?

Hair GrowthBegin the process by inserting the probe into the follicle alongside the hair without piercing the skin. It is the electrical current that passes into the skin creates an amazing chemical reaction with the aqueous medium from under the skin. The mixture of water and salt found in the hair follicle is then transformed into sodium hydroxide, which is a corrosive alkali. This alkali then dissolve the entire hair root, which means the hair will never grow back.
Experts recommend to perform the electrolysis on a square inch at a time and not treat a large area at once. Also, experiencing reactions such as swelling and scabbing are common and are likely to fade away in a few days. In addition, you might also experience a bit of pain, but the intensity of pain will differ from individual to individual. Having said that, the pain will be bearable to most individuals.

Initially, you may find the process time consuming and overwhelming, but, in time, you will get used to the device and the process involved in removing hair for good.

Sensitive skin types and electrolysis

Generally speaking, electrolysis is very gentle and will not hurt your skin. You might only feel a tingling sensation when hair is removed, but no pain at all. For sensitive skin types, electrolysis makes perfect sense as hot waxing and hair removal creams may cause damage to the skin. However, electrolysis will leave the skin smooth, hair free and healthy looking. It is a good idea to apply a tad bit of aloe vera gel on the skin after the treatment in order to keep the texture of the skin smooth and soft.

If you are suffering from acne or psoriasis, you must check with your medical professional before using the electrolysis machine on your skin at home. It is advisable to get a medical opinion on your skin prior to the treatment from a qualified skin expert.

Getting the Right Electrolysis kit for home use


What to look for while buying an electrolysis kit?

Electrolysis is indeed one of the best and safest methods of removing undesirable hair for good; however, it is vital to choose only the most effective DIY home electrolysis kit for your hair removal.

The devices should not be too cumbersome to operate. Ideally, it should be small in size that should do a good job of removing hair from areas such as face, neck, hands, feet, and bikini line. Ensure that your device comes operates on rechargeable batteries and has a long lasting charger as well. It will be good to have intensity settings to help you adjust according to your tolerance towards pain.

All in all, it is a very personal decision to choose the type of electrolysis machine as factors such as budget and other requirements are given undue consideration. It is a good idea to buy a personal electrolysis kit designed especially for home use only as investing in a professional kit will be of not much use to those who hold no or little experience in the process.

Some DIY Electrolysis Kits Worth Checking Out

1. Clean Easy Home Electrolysis kit: $29.45


Economical electrolysis kit that you can use easily at home. Can be used on the face and body, would work on soft and hard hair alike. Buy Now.

2. Verseo ePen Permanent Hair Removal System: $48.95


This is a easy to use pen-shaped hair removal system perfect for hair on the face, underarm, bikini line. Just apply the conductive gel to the area, put the cotton bud on ePen tip and switch the ePen on, as simple as that. Buy Now

3. Rio Electrolysis Tweezer Permanent Hair Remover: $78.99


This one uses microcurrent technology to destroy the hair root to prevent future hair growth. This products unique tweezer action automatically retracts to remove unwanted hair quickly and easily. Buy Now.

4. Forever Gone Sivan Basic Thermo Hair Removal Kit: $124


This one uses a gentle heat transfer technology (thermo-transmitter). It crystallizes hair on contact and removes cleanly and with ease. It is perfect for using on face, legs, bikini line. Buy Now

Getting Started


Items you may need to perform electrolysis at home

1. Firstly, you need to choose a bright and lighted area to do the treatment in order to see fine hair on your body.

2. Choose a comfortable work area

3. A good mirror

4. A pair of tweezers to pull out the destroyed hair

5. Having probes will come in handy as the needle will be blunt, and, therefore, it shouldn’t pierce the skin directly.

6. Salt on your fingers to complete the current

7. An antibacterial soap, napkins and so forth.

A few tips to follow while performing electrolysis at home

1. Firstly, pluck all the hairs in the area to be treated before you actually start the process. Hairs are effectively killed easily when they are regrowing.

2. Then, apply a good natural skin moisturizer on the treated area. In the absence of a moisturized skin, you will find it harder to remove hair with electrolysis. Besides, you may even damage your skin when your skin is not properly moisturized.

3. Drink plenty of water as it is vital to keep the skin hydrated.

4. Take it easy and avoid doing a bigger area at once.

5. Having a dark background will make it easier for you to see the fine hairs in the mirror.

6. Give the swelling some time to go down. Ideally, you should allow at least 2 to 3 days till you come down to a conclusion of any reaction on the skin.

7. After a few sessions, make sure you take treatment breaks in order to see the results effectively.


Reviewing the Whole Thing


Pros and Cons of DIY Home Electrolysis Kits

Since we have already established the process of removing hair with the help of DIY home electrolysis kits, let us now focus on the advantages and disadvantages associated with this process.


1. Cheaper than other hair removal treatments.

2. Able to remove hair in the privacy of your own home, which is particularly a benefit for those who want to remove hair from specific areas of the body.

3. Works well for those who have fewer natural hair growth.

4. Can perform the process at your convenience

5. Gives equally powerful result as other ridiculously expensive salon treatments.

6. An advantage for those who live in remote areas and cannot travel to salons frequently.


1. Home electrolysis is a time consuming process.

2. Some of us may find it difficult to use the device, which means a lot of training and skills are required to use it effectively.

3. Can cause redness and minor skin damage.

4. The more facial hair, the more work, and less chance of success.

5. Require some training before undergoing the process.

6. Buying a professional equipment can be expensive.

Some things worth mentioning

1. Electrolysis is not painful

Most of the times, in most cases, the process of electrolysis is painless and does not cause much of a discomfort. Thanks to the advanced technology, electrolysis now is all about tingling but not pain.

2. Electrolysis is a better method than other temporary methods

There are plenty of options available to remove hair temporarily, but none of them can remove hair permanently the way electrolysis does. Besides, all these products contain irritating chemicals that can cause havoc on your skin. Then there is the option of hot waxing available, which in itself is a messy and difficult process. Irrefutably, electrolysis is a much better method available to remove hair from all parts of the body when compared to other temporary methods.

General Consensus?

We have reached in the later half of the article, so now let’s focus on what is the general consensus of its users. What do its users really think about this process?

Clearly, many people want to avoid visiting salons for hair removal treatments as they are expensive and too time consuming. On the other hand, DIY home electrolysis gives them an opportunity to remove unwanted hair for good within the four walls of their home. So obviously, DIY electrolysis kits surely look like a more promising alternative to expensive salon hair treatments for most people.

Considering its massive popularity among the masses, many companies have started selling electrolysis machines for home uses. These machines, bases for claims of manufacturers, achieve the same results as the salon treatments.
It is of paramount importance that you learn how to use these devices. Besides, it is vital to master the technique of removing unneeded hair with the help of electrolysis in order to enjoy a smooth and hairless skin.

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